Technical End-user Training

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Technical Training of Product End-users incl. Onboarding, Maintenance & Support

‘This White-label Product Company’ specializes in the research, design, development, and manufacturing of products for motive power, and tools that maximize the products’ performance.

Until they found uQualio they had a problem in training the end-users in the safe operation & maintenance of the products to ensure long product life, and high customer satisfaction with their products. 

Digital training of end-users in operations, cleaning & maintenance of product

Interview with their Technical Writer.

The White-label Product Company has been using uQualio since April 2022. We sat down with their technical writer to hear about their experience with uQualio.  

Q: Tell us a bit about your company and what it does?

We have been making our products for 40 years and in recent years expanded our business to include more complex software solutions.   

We serve a global marketplace from multiple locations world-wide and have an extensive patent inventory that reflects the creative and inventive spirit of our founders. We need people to use our products correctly to ensure safety, long product life, and high customer satisfaction so they get the most from the benefits we offer and continue being our customers. 

Q: Why did you choose uQualio? 

Previously, we wrote and provided a detailed operator’s manual which was almost never used. It was easier to give the end user a piece of paper than try to teach them how to operate the system. All of which runs counter to the current understanding of how people learn best. Written instruction on paper is not the way people learn anymore, or at least not solely. It is a lot more effective to use images with explanations, and video is a great way of achieving that aim.  

As a company, we always dreamt of using video learning, but all our research showed that it was too difficult and expensive to do. I reviewed over 40 companies, then I found uQualio that has no upfront investment, could be used on Day 1, can scale with our needs, and that makes it easy for anyone to distribute learning even with QR codes on our products.

Q: How do you use the uQualio platform? 

We are using the uQualio platform to give our internal and external teams, as well as customers, access to information via video. Specifically, we use the platform for onboarding new users, and direct distribution of use and maintenance material for customers. 

Q: Has the uQualio platform helped with any of your pain points? If yes, how? 

The uQualio platform has made it easy for us to organize and distribute information about the proper use and maintenance of equipment for our end-users. The structure of the platform makes sharing critical knowledge for both internal and external users easy and efficient. uQualio also stresses providing information in “bite-size chunks,” so we make our videos without making our users bite off more than they can chew. 

Q: Which features on the uQualio platform have you found to be the most valuable?

The platform makes it possible for us to demonstrate exactly how a product is used in real life. This helps users easily learn new skills and review as needed. The increase in efficiency can be measured in time saved, and improved expertise.     

Starting to use a new product can be daunting. Giving users access to easily understood product instructions allows them to complete the training at his or her own pace, increases the user’s confidence and competence.

Q: If you were to recommend uQualio to your best friend, what would you say? 

It is a great tool that helped us to do something that we never thought we could do.   

Getting started is easy, and the platform is both affordable and completely customizable. 

As it is multifunctional, the platform can be used across the whole organization to promote products, help users to get the full benefit of products and services offered, and share their feedback. 

Internally, in the future we plan to use it for onboarding new employees, and ongoing training for current team members. Plus, support at uQualio is quick and professional, and they use our requests and questions to continuously update the platform to meet their, our and our customers’ needs.

Product end-user training with QR code

Learn more about what uQualio can do for you

Here is a video for inspiration of how to use uQualio for technical support. 

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