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A course vendor of finished e-learning packages for training employees in complex topics, such as GDPR (currently DK & ENG).
The solution is based on the uQualio platform and consists of video series where each video has a duration of less than 3 minutes.

Case: Course Vendor

Interview with Karina Juul Jensen, The CEO of KAPI.

KAPI is the course vendor behind www.Video2learn.dk that sells video eLearning courses based about Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), competition law, IT security, and marketing for employees in both large and small companies on the uQualio platform.

We sat down with Karina Juul Jensen, The CEO of KAPI.

What lead your company to do uQualio?

“Well, we needed a controlled environment wherein our clients could be trained in, for example, important matters such as GDPR and competition law. First of all, it’s important to know that we’re different from your other clients. We’ve already produced video content as a source of learning for our clients. But with uQualio we could obtain a superior platform that would benefit our clients in terms of dedicated training and employer learning.”

Why did you choose uQualio for your needs?

“Functionality. Speed. Cooperation. The platform is functional and flexible which means we can tailor it to our needs, and the needs of the client. Speed because we can address whatever matters the client has via intuitive messaging. And cooperation because we can approach you with an issue or comment, and it’s readily fixed or addressed.”

So why choose uQualio over a giant such as, let’s say YouTube?

“There are some companies out there that do benefit from YouTube, and that’s of course completely understandable. But we needed a controlled environment. We’re dealing with sensitive matters such as GDPR, where expertise and knowledge is key. And for that purpose, we need control of our content one hundred percent.”

What was the benefit of choosing uQualio?

“Well, the benefit was mainly our clients’. The key benefit is that you can jump to whatever question in a video segment, that you’ve answered incorrectly, and learn the right answer. The client can generate an employer certificate upon completion… but we do tell the client, ‘look, it’s not about just completing the course, it’s about understanding it.’ And uQualio makes it possible to see just how much the client’s employees have understood the course. Which is critical in sensitive areas such as GDPR.”

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