Everything you need to Create Micro Video Learning Courses in a matter of Minutes...

uQualio is an online white-label video learning platform that is as easy to set up as it is to use. 

With the built-in online course builder, you can create, customize, and distribute video learning courses to match any purpose.

uQualio is the most affordable all-in-one video learning platform on the market.

uQualio enables you to

uQualio is a powerful tool that makes it easy for your users to get the learning they need.

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Turn videos into courses

Create videos with your phone

Log in to your uQualio account on your phone or tablet. Click ‘Quick Create’ to create a new course or update an existing one, and capture your learning content with your camera directly to the course.

Make videos from screen recordings

If you have an important PowerPoint or Keynote presentations that you want to turn into a video learning course, just use the uQualio screen recording tool to easily turn long presentations into microlearning courses.

Turn Webinars or long videos into bite-size microlearning

Webinars or online meetings can easily be recorded and uploaded, along with prerecorded videos, and played in microlearning bites on our secure platform. Also, you can use links from your existing YouTube or Vimeo account.

Add supporting material and Advanced Settings

Use our online authoring topic builder to edit your videos into the bite-sized video format if relevant, add titles, descriptions, captions, thumbnail pictures, supporting links and documents.

Quizzes and Tests

Need to test your user’s knowledge or skills? 

Use the easy-to-use question editor to add questions. Add quizzes at the end of each microlearning video, and/or a final certification test at the end of the training module.

Our learning platform offers 3 questions types:

Use the built-in ‘help’ function to direct learners to the video section they need to revisit to get the right answer.

Gamification and Certificates

A quiz makes it fun and easy to repeat the newly gained knowledge to reinforce the learnings. 

Add gaming elements like competition for your teams, and reward users for their accomplishments with different types of certificates that can be shared on social media, or pdf files that can be printed.

Course Management

A course can be distributed as a matrix across many different channels with different user access settings – and all courses can be updated with a single action.

So publish your course as a stand-alone, or as part of a program. All courses and programs can be updated within the platform and all content can be reused and repurposed.

Create an easy and understandable course library structure in your solution, by using the overall directory, branded channels, course categories, tags, proficiency levels, and languages.

Effortlessly invite users to take a course by email or SMS directly, by bulk upload, API integration.

With the click of a button, you can always:

Dynamic Reporting and Communication

uQualio’s dynamic reporting allows you to monitor the learning progress. 

Use customized dashboards to easily follow and measure the performance of individuals and groups on each channel and course.

Send messages and communicate directly with your users through the uQualio platform.

Customized filtering options within reports make it easy to communicate with groups or individuals via email or SMS.

Security and Reliability

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