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Employee Onboarding at uQualio


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Employee Onboarding at uQualio

‘Congratulations you got the job’, Candice said. She was going to be my manager at uQualio where I had just been hired as their English content writer. My initial reaction was to smile as a rush of joy went through me. Being a new member of a team is both exciting and a bit daunting. But luckily uQualio offers great employee onboarding and this article presents some of the most important steps in my onboarding process.

Getting to know the team

As I walked down the gravel path leading to the back of the idyllic yellow brick stone buildings that house uQualio I was greeted by a happy black Labrador and Christian who is the Chief Product Officer at uQualio. Soon after the rest of the team arrived. My impression during my interviews was that this was a professional, open-minded, and passionate team that is dedicated to offering the best possible eLearning platform for course creation. During the daily lunches in the sunny garden of the uQualio headquarters, I got to know the team a lot better, and after a few days I already felt included in the team.

Getting to know uQualio’s eLearning platform

As my first task, I was to explore uQualio’s eLearning software. The intuitive design of the platform was easy to navigate, and a tour started right away. Being a hands-on person, I skipped through a lot of the steps and started creating my first course at once. It was easy to link to a YouTube video or upload a recording, make questions for the video, and invite students. Soon my first “student”, who happened to be myself, quickly earned an achievement badge as this student for some unknown reason knew all the answers to my questions. I was positively surprised seeing that I could easily return to the tour of the platform at any time and read the details of the different sections and the many options they offer. One of my favorite features was the image database. Initially, I found pictures on Google, but soon I discovered I could search directly in the platform which saved a lot of time.

Onboarding done right!

Aside from a warm welcome and lots of attention my new team made sure I understood their eLearning software in detail. They introduced me to their content strategy, and we discussed the different posts I would be making weekly and monthly. I was set up with a new computer and presented with a clear onboarding plan in which I could read all the different things my new team would teach me. As I walked to the train station through the quiet streets of Veksø after finishing work on my third day, I thought to myself that there is no doubt I will fit right in at uQualio, and I was already looking forward to my next week at my new home away from home.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.