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"Beyond Technology" podcast 

Beyond Technology podcast


Featuring Christian Bjerre Nielsen, Chief Product Officer at uQualio.

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Below is a summary of the podcast:


Christian’s definition of purpose revolves a lot around problem-solving. That’s why he’s working on a solution now for a problem he experienced multiple times in his career: he breaks down the communication barrier by creating a video platform to take content, squeeze out the value, easily transfer and share it with others within the organization. The problem with problem-solving today is that instead of giving people a hammer to hit the nail we give them a multi-purpose tool that can somehow work on a nail but doesn’t get the job done. We know too little about the users and too little about their three most important use cases. So we end up being something for everybody instead of everything for somebody.


Talking about the SDGs, Christian remembers when they popped up in a corporate context, back then they appeared nice but have mainly been part of fluffy corporate communication. Now when Christian is in charge of his own venture it more and more becomes a thing to see and reflect on as we can potentially serve points on the SDGs’ agenda. It’s all about catering knowledge and education now, uQualio therefore also partners with NGOs to help them spread the message. The wonderful side effect is that in a globally connected world organizational knowledge shared online leads to less unnecessary traveling and to more meaningful get-togethers.

Creativity & Innovation

For innovation you need input from yourself or – if you’re fortunate – you get customer feedback. We discussed the ideal innovation case for so many: do something very well and then find the people who need it or didn’t even know they needed it. But, innovation from within doesn’t always hit the mark, to put it mildly. That’s why we see too many crazy ideas fueled by VC money that will never be able to fly.

Heart & Soul

For Christian, it has to be a joyful endeavor for the people to work in a company. You need to feel that you help somebody with something. It’s fulfilling when you see that you can actually help someone, a customer, serve their need and eventually get that positive feedback. We also discussed that productivity is falling rapidly with the bigger size of a company. Too many people, too many meetings, too many opinions, you can’t make decisions, so, in the end, the organization tends to get a life of its own.

Christian Bjerre Nielsen  is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at  uQualio Fabian Böck  is Co-founder of  BOECK & XOXO , an advertising agency for really good tech companies.

Topics in this talk:  #ProductDevelopment   #EdTech   #Impact   #Startups  

Beyond technology podcast with Christian


About Fabian

Originally Fabian wanted to connect the dots between all the upcoming tech trends and find potential synergies for these businesses. However, after ticking off the essentials and the tech stuff of the interviewees’ companies, we more and more talked about things like

  • human-centricity
  • limitations and concerns of technology
  • and the overall vision and motivation to drive change.

Let’s say, all of this is more on the so-called soft side of the business and is beyond technology. And it seems it’s become the more important factor for founders and basically most people in the industry alike.

For what’s coming up next, we’ll stick to the tech world but we’ll focus a bit more on that and ask tech leaders about things like

  • impact & purpose
  • heart & soul of an organization
  • and a brand’s overall vision.

So far, with all our interviews we’ve reached 60.000+ tech leaders all over the world and we invite you to be part of this new chapter and engage with us as much as possible.

Because, as cheesy as it may sound, if we really want to see a shift in the industry towards purpose and impact, we need to work together even more closely. We’d love to have you with us on this journey, so please hit the subscribe button, and let’s get in touch!

Fabian Böck is Co-founder at BOECK & XOXO, an advertising agency to help impact tech companies push through the noise.


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