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E-Learning Market will Triple by 2025! 

E-Learning Market will Triple by 2025!


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Global Industry Analysts has made market research that predicted that the e-learning market would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did!

The newest market research predicts a triple of the revenue! By 2025 e-learning will grow to $ 325 Billion [1].

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Over the last decade, e-learning has positioned itself in our lives. Everyone enhances their knowledge every day, either by looking for a tutorial, reading the news, or even watching a TV show. All those moments spent on our phone, tablet, or computer are moments where people are open to learning something new, something they didn’t know before, and now there is even eLearning eLearning authoring creation software that allows you to make your own eLearning. Luckily the effectiveness of e-learning has been proven by many studies and testimonies [2].

The global climate also benefits from e-learning – it has been found that eLearning programs consumed around 90% less power and drastically reduces C02 emissions. It is also a new way to save the trees, as there is no need for paper which makes e-learning very eco-friendly.

E-Learning has numerous advantages, here are some of them:

  • Accessibly is the key to an e-Learning platform

Nowadays, it is common to see a picture, an article, or a video being shared around the world in less than 24 hours. On the same level, an e-learning platform can be updated frequently and spread easily. Accessibility is the key of an E-learning platform, as long-term knowledge is accessible anywhere and anytime, offering an equal chance of success. And, of course, your own choice of topic and teacher.

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  • Difficult to gather everyone physically at the same time

E-learning is a way to study more efficiently without wasting time commuting from one place to another. The users can take the same lecture at different times. In general, e-learning allows people to work differently. All the classes can be done at any speed, creating a space for freedom for anyone to increase their skills and feel less pressure during their education.

  • Allows follow up and data

An e-learning platform can track views, and you can also get detail of its reach incl. how many people are interested? Is the topic relevant?  And you can use it for documenting the status or progress in your talents.

  • Creates communities in interest areas

E-learning easily enables communities around a topic – allowing interested users to connect around a desire to increase knowledge and share information about the newest developments. For the trainer, it ensures good training, reduces time, travel, materials, follow-up, and leads to better profitability and results.

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