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5 Tips to Produce Online Video eLearning Courses

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The art of video is one that has attracted a great deal of attention. And rightly so! Video is our source of entertainment when we want to unwind, but it’s also our source of inspiration when we wish to learn.

But there’s a cost that we often forget when it comes to video: it’s usually pretty expensive. The costs of production (camera, mic, etc.) are often high, you need to be aware of good lighting, and you always have to come prepared if you want to avoid extra man-hours.

The good news is that in this day of age it’s considerably cheaper to shoot, and edit, videos than it was just a few years ago. And now you can get a more polished effort if you just apply yourself with the useful aids of these following tips.

1 – The power of the script

Before any type of production can start two things have to be prepared: a summary and a script. This goes for movies, and it goes for your course. Write your summary:

  • WHY do you want to make this learning course, and
  • WHAT is the message/desired outcome?

Also, write a script that you can consult which entails the spoken content of your course.

2 – Storyboard? The power of the visuals

Video is at its best when you’ve poured thought into the visual aspect. Look at your favorite filmmakers. What is their visual style? What is their trademark? Making a good storyboard can help you in creating a solid visual narrative.

3 – Location

Do we shoot in an abandoned warehouse, a grey classroom, or an old section of the library? Location is everything. Preferably pick a location where you can obtain ample light (we’re shooting a course video, not a horror film). Location is everything in film production. Alternatively, make a note of desired locations in your script.

4 – Pay your way out of the hassle

Sometimes, you need to call the A-Team. We don’t know everything, and there is a limit to everyone’s expertise. Perhaps you know someone, a film student, maybe, eager to earn a bit of money. The thing to remember is that it’s helpful to know movie production but how much of your time does it take away?

5 – Study from the Masters

With the explosion of eLearning, there are so many fine examples to choose from. Videos that act as a good case story of how the perfect course video should be.

Just remember, after 6 minutes your average viewer can drift off, so keep it interesting. Of course, everyone is here to learn but that doesn’t mean we can’t get something memorable out of it?

And remember the use of “clever” humor when creating your next, big eLearning scheme should never be underestimated.

We all learn best when we are inspired, engaged & entertained.

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Video production - 5 Tips to Produce Online Video eLearning Courses

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