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How Video Will Transform eLearning in 2024: Major Trends to Watch Out For

video eLearning trends in 2024


Unquestionably, video is the future of learning. Let’s look at the top video-based eLearning trends that will redefine education and training in 2024! 

In the fast-changing world of education, technology continues to play a leading role in transforming the way we learn. As we step into 2024, one of the major catalysts driving this change is the use of video in learning. From tutorials to webinars, this interactive and dynamic form of eLearning is set to revolutionize conventional learning methodologies to bring about a remarkable shift in the realm of education and training. Here’s how video will transform learning in 2024:

Immersive Learning

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the top video learning trends 2024. As per a Statista report, the use of AR and VR will receive an estimated investment of nearly $4.1 billion USD in 2024, for training and maintenance. Both AR and VR create a highly engaging and interactive learning experience, providing a controlled learning environment which is quite similar to real-world situations that people face. As a result, it helps learners get hands-on experience, which also lowers the risk of errors. Additionally, it aids in filling the void between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. Incidentally, it might take some more years to realize the full potential of these interactive technologies in the field of eLearning as currently, many people find them difficult to use. (Read: Video, AR, VR, Assisted Reality – Learning for Manufacturing)


This video learning trend is likely to become even more popular in 2024. It refers to using game elements in a non-gaming environment for enhancing the learning experience and engagement. In 2024, video training platforms will aim to integrate more gamification elements, like quizzes, badges, and certificates to motivate and engage learners. Gamified courses provide a sense of competition and accomplishment that motivate learners to work toward their educational goals while making learning more enjoyable and rewarding. 


As people’s attention spans are getting shorter, microlearning is gaining traction. This video eLearning trend will gain immense popularity in 2024. The short attention span of people in today’s digital age makes it difficult for them to focus on learning for longer durations. Hence, video4learning platforms and organizations will leverage microlearning strategies to help professionals upskill or reskill. It breaks down lengthy or complex topics into bite-sized modules that are easy to digest. This helps learners grasp new information easily and retain it for longer, thereby reinforcing learning and improving training outcomes. 

Continuous Learning

Learning is no longer a one-off endeavor. The concept of learning is constantly shifting from a limited period of formal education to a lifelong journey of continuous learning. In 2024, individuals will increasingly look for the most innovative video training platform to upgrade their existing skills and acquire new skills to stay competitive in the employment market. Micro-credentials, like socially shareable and printable digital certificates or badges will get wider acceptance as tangible proof of the learner’s skills and accomplishments. Businesses will continue to collaborate with white-label video training platforms to offer relevant courses to their employees, partners, and customers, helping them to acquire the knowledge just when they need it. The inclusion of workplace safety certification and compliance courses as part of such offerings will create a skilled workforce that prioritizes compliance and safety in a professional setup. 

Data-Driven Learning

Companies will continue to focus on providing the necessary training and skills to their workforce based on their organizational goals in the coming years. A data-driven approach will be required to better understand, assess, and achieve such goals, making it one of the top video eLearning trends in 2024. Businesses will be required to assess their core expertise and resources available to create impactful learning strategies. This trend offers a more personalized and engaging learning experience, assisting organizations filling the skills gaps that were limiting growth. 

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive, personalized, or tailored learning is one of the leading trends that will come to the fore in 2024. According to a 2023 Deloitte report on learning approaches, today’s learning is learner-focused and makes use of integrated and personalized approaches. This allows learners to take control of their own professional development. 

Multimodal Learning

Multimodal learning is also one of the key video learning trends in 2024. This trend entails making use of multiple modes for teaching new knowledge and skills to learners. The 70:20:10 framework is a key element of this approach, according to which, 70% of the learning occurs on the job, 20% through collaboration with peers, and 10% via formal training. Hence, today’s video-based learning focuses on all three aspects of upskilling. 

Cross-Industry Learning

Owing to the increasing competition in the job market, organizations are now thinking of implementing innovative solutions, which require comprehensive knowledge of the industry. As a matter of fact, cross-industry knowledge allows for better innovation as it involves fresh approaches and diverse perspectives. Therefore, businesses will continue to focus on cross-industry learning through video in 2024. 

Data Privacy and Security

Data collection and information storage will be a growing concern as eLearning continues to use technology. So, there will be an elevated focus on data security and privacy in 2024. Video eLearning platforms will require conforming to data protection as well as security standards and laws while investing in cybersecurity to safeguard the users’ sensitive and confidential information. Moreover, learners will enjoy greater control over their own data, including how it is shared and used. Transparency in how data is being handled will be key to building trust with businesses and learners. 

To Conclude

In 2024, the eLearning arena will see remarkable transformations, driven by changing training requirements, technological advancements, and the increasing demand for more customized, flexible, and accessible video learning solutions.  

From microlearning and gamification, to immersive experiences, the future of learning and training will certainly be dynamic and exciting. However, it is essential for businesses, institutions, organizations, and video4learning platforms to embrace these trends to offer quality education while meeting the evolving requirements of learners worldwide.  

Remember that the key to success in eLearning in 2024 and beyond will be inclusivity, innovation, and a commitment to continuous learning. 

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