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eLearning trends 2022 

uqualio eLearning trends 2022


What trended in 2021 in the fast-paced world of eLearning & Microlearning?

How we assess a passing year is different from person to person. Usually, we take a glance at world events that have shaped humanity and take it from there. But 2021 has been very different in that regard from previous years: one major event has dominated the news cycle which is, of course, the pandemic. But under the shadow of the pandemic is a myriad of other trending topics – a more modern approach to assessing a year. Especially a year where we have all learned to live, learn, and work remotely.

Social eLearning

YouTube is increasingly used as a source of tutorials, “how-tos” and acquiring skills. Because videos – when kept short with clear messages – are ideal for “bite-sized” learning, which has been proven highly efficient, compared to traditional training courses.

However, watching videos does not automatically guarantee learning. To ensure the optimal comprehension and mastering of the material in the videos, and hence actual  learning, you need to add functionality like practice and social interaction.

Hybrid working

No, we’re not talking about riding around in a brand-new Prius. “Hybrid working” is an approach to functioning, and thriving, in the new workplace in an era where flexibility is key. It’s no longer about being in one fixed place in a tiny cubicle, it’s about bringing your work into other exciting ventures and venues, especially for a new generation of workers.

Achieve 90% Course Completion Rates

The industry is filled to the brim with eLearning completion rates of an abysmal 20 or 30 percent. This of course has many employers worried because their goal is that their employees not only complete the courses but also understand the material. That’s why a topic such as this one was in such high demand.

Soft Skills Training

An article dwelling on other trending topics for 2022 talks about Soft Skills Training, how to deal with decreasing attention span, and “facilitating learning versus teaching”.


An article dealing with the many exciting arrays of micro-learning was also a hot-button issue.

Learners as humans 

The exciting concept of introducing a humanized approach into the digitized array of eLearning was also a hot topic. The are articles listing the many topics all surrounding one major trending topic: the human approach to eLearning and artificial intelligence as a strong backbone.

QR codes a Surprising Way to Deliver Just-in-Time Training

QR codes are making a resurgence among Millennials and Generation Z as more people today own smartphones and high-speed internet is accessible almost anywhere. As the smartphones have QR-code scanners built into their cameras then many popular social media apps used by teens and young adults, like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram have started using QR codes.

Social media platforms aren’t the only ones jumping on the QR Code bandwagon. Also, global industries such as food manufacturing and pharmaceuticals have implemented QR codes on labels and packaging to comply with new regulations. For instance, as part of the Smart Label QR Code initiative by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, prominent food companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Colgate include codes on their packaging to direct consumers to a website with more product information – but nowadays it gets to be even better. You can now link directly to a training course where you get more information, support, and anything else related to the product that can be added to a video. You can even make a loyalty program based on this training academy.

Other major learning and training trends for 2022

Mobile Learning, Social Learning, Immersive Technology, Microlearning, Worklife Skills Coming to the Fore, Video-Based Learning, Adaptive Learning, Big Data in Learning, Gamification and Game-Based Learning, and Content Curation are all major trending topics in 2021.

Many trends also dived into how to run an organization. With a year where almost everyone had to commit to working from home, many employers wanted to gather as much fresh knowledge into updating their organizational skills. Such topics included Learning Analysis, Human-Centered Learning Experiences, and Learning Experience Platforms.

Also, very technical topics are trending…

Wildly technical topics such as Blended Learning Models, Multi-Format Digital Content, Active Learner Engagement, Flexible Training Options, Social Learning (especially), Mixed and Extended Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Data Security. The final two were especially trending because both analytics (measuring course participation and activity), and Data Security (securing the material, especially in a competitive industry) are topics of key interest.

And finally, topics that predict trends for the coming year were of great interest. These predictions were within the realm of artificial intelligence. The rise and evolution of AI have captured the attentive eyes of industry titans and shapers. The problem of AI is not necessarily ethical and where this is heading, and how it will shape us as a society, and of course eLearning as a dynamic entity, is a topic that will remain relevant not just for 2022, but for years to come.

uqualio eLearning trends 2022

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