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eLearning Yields Loyalty 

happy customers loyal customer

Recognize and retain your most valuable employees & customers and keep them happy and loyal for life. 

Imagine not knowing a lot about a certain topic. Then imagine learning it from your employer. Imagine if a customer/employee relationship is not only based on a monetary concept, but also on a mutual learning experience. If you, as a company, can act as a beacon of knowledge, and spare your customer the hassle of training a multitude of minds, you’ll be in good standing.   

Customer loyalty is part of the strategy for all successful companies. But probably only a few have taken the advantage of training to accomplish happy users, who then have become ardent advocates of the product they’re supposed to sell.  

Here’s a real-life example: you’re a software company offering a SaaS tool for supporting business processes. You will probably focus on offering competitive license prices to suit the market. Spending too many resources on customer support is not an option if you want good business despite competitive prices. Therefore(!) you want – no, you  need  – skilled users of your product to make good business.  

When you train your users in using your product correctly and skillfully , that they are up to speed, yay informed, about new features, they are more likely to be happy, knowledgeable, and cheaper to support. 

Add in the social marketing aspect above, the good ol’ word of mouth: you can have them advocate your product by sharing how great they have become in using your product.  

Overall aspects on performance and approach  

A modern social learning platform has to perform in such a way, that it is easily accessible, intuitive, and easy to use on a smartphone. It has to be based on videos to motivate for more effective learning. 

  • Bite-sized short videos/ microlearning to stimulate the brain
  • Gamification Quizzes that make it fun and easy to learn
  • A final test with multiple passing levels to enable improvements of results
  • Diplomas and certificates to prove new gained knowledge
  • Sharing across channels and following each other’s activities is all part of the collective learning experience.  

…and community gamification are based on proven methods of both motivating   and  creating a deeper understanding of company and product.

All of that combined with a dynamic communication between users can provide maximized impact meaning we’re back on our previous point: trained customers are loyal customers! 

Happy customers = Loyal customer

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.