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uQualio Co-Founder part of Europe's only Female Tech Accelerator

Tech nordic advocates only female tech accellerator in europe celerator


The organization Tech Nordic Advocates has opened its doors to its international “Women-in-Tech” growth program. The program is intended to both mentor & accelerate women’s foothold in the male-dominated tech industry. An ambition that’s not without its challenges.

uQualio’s CEO Hatla Færch Johnsen is one of the participants – hoping to speed up the growth potential uQualio to benefit our customers.    


The organization behind the noble endeavor is Tech Nordic Advocates “Europe’s only International Growth Program for Women Tech Founders and Leaders.”

Tech has, for many decades, been a male-dominated industry. Every initiative to empower women should be recognized and supported. Tech Nordic does this through the ambitious program ‘The International “Women-in-Tech” Growth Program”. It’s a program that, in their own words is “blending

  • International Mentoring,
  • An Accelerator for high-growth tech companies, and
  • An Umbrella Venture Fund of national and international investors committed to investing in women-led tech businesses

All to make it easier to access capital, launch, grow, and scale tech businesses.”  

uQualio’s Female Founder Choosen for Program

One of the participants is our very own CEO and co-founder Hatla Færch Johnsen. uQualio’s eLearning platform is enabling people to learn – equipping them with our easy-to-use platform so they can train, communicate, and succeed in the real & digital world.

Hatla is participating in the Accelerator program as “the accelerator is a rapid-growth environment, packed with resources designed to take startups from ideation to validation.”As we hope to become the world’s best video eLearning it makes sense to learn from the best.  The program provides many valuable tools and even though you’re the head of the major eLearning platform, modesty is a powerful feat.

“I participate in the accelerator program to hopefully learn from the best and skip a couple of the biggest common mistakes, Hatla says and goes on,” I am learning that female tech founders lend money at higher interest and generally have problems attracting investors. I want to beat those statistics.”  

Concerning uQualio’s role in all this, Hatla states that,

“uQualio biggest focus is currently how to create market awareness for our product that makes it smart and easy to train people,” and says as a final note, “I love being able to help people solve their knowledge distribution problems in an easy way.” 

The Accelerator program is funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, the City of Copenhagen, private partners, and Tech Nordic Advocates. It runs from May 30th to December 2nd, 2022.

Tech nordic advocates only female tech accellerator in europe celerator

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.