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Happy to welcome our French intern

Intern Chloe Reinheimer and CEO Hatla Johnsen at uQualios office


Chloé Reinheimer is our new French intern who will work for 1 month at uQualio.

Studying at the University of Aix-en-Provence in Business Management and International Trade, we are giving her the opportunity to implement her abilities in Marketing and especially in the way of drawing up a Marketing Analysis for our company. Through the different missions given, we allow her to acquire professional experience, particularly in the field of online business.

”I am absolutely thrilled and grateful for my experience at uQualio! Hatla and Christian are wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to discover their universe. They are incredibly patient and know how to create a hyggly work environment. Merci de me permettre de travailler avec vous.” 

Quote from Chloe 

It is always a pleasure for us to be able to get new knowledge for uQualio and at the same time help train the new generation to evolve in a world in constant search for change and innovation.

uQualio is an e-learning platform that brings a solution to companies, schools, or individuals to learn or teach through ludic and synthetic videos with several use cases available. Our goal is to accompany you in your progress and honor all your success.

Be a member of our community, and join the uQualio world!

Intern Chloe Reinheimer & CEO Hatla Johnsen at uQualios office

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