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NextGen Learning System of the year 2023

uQualio is NextGen Learning-System 2023

uQualio the all-in-one video LMS software platform has been scored and reviewed by Craig Weiss – who makes the platform FindAnLMS.com.

To make the List of the top LMS systems in the world he first identified 1000 LMS companies.

Based on an analysis of questions for each system, Craig scaled the list down to 500, then to 250, and then to 75. Now he has announced the top 20 list – and uQualio is not just number 13, but as you can below, Craig goes even further.

13. uQqualio – They have been around for a few years, but really caught my eye this year. A video learning platform that just blasts it out of the park. I have to admit, that what I saw just made me go “wow, wow, wow”. Thus they win, “NextGen System of the Year”. The marketing on the site, especially the home page, doesn’t do the system justice – definitely needs tweaks. I have to show via video – this ability the system can do with micro-learning content, and the splicing angle, because words cannot alone show it – see more here Content Editor – “Creating A Course, watch the video that is in uh, this video”.

Quote by Craig Weiss
uQualio is top 13 Learning systems in the world according to Craig Weiss
Award badge for Top 13 LMS systems in the world 2023 by Craig Weiss
uQualio is next gen learning system 2023 according to Craig Weiss

Thank you for the best pre-Christmas gift ever – we are honored to be the NextGen Learning System 2023!

Our vision is through video4learning to make it easy to change businesses & the world through affordable quality education! And that is why we have made uQualio, a video eLearning platform that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create and distribute highly effective video Learning whether for private, public, or eCommerce purposes!

We are experienced professionals that have made the learning system that we needed in our old jobs, and that means that we have taken the best from all worlds, and put it together in a system that just makes is easy to make and distribute video-based courses to anyone. When you work in a business you need a system that is hyper-efficient – and can meet many purposes, and that is what we have built.”

Quote by Hatla Johnsen, CEO & Cofounder of uQualio

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making our platform special and a NextGen Learning System! Customers, employees, consultants, etc. You know how you are!

On the 21st, Craig will officially announce the Top 10 of 2023, so be sure to read his recommendations. or follow him on LinkedIn to get the news: Learning System Awards 2023 (elearninfo247.com).

You can of course always get a free uQualio trial if you want to try the world’s Next Gen Learning system 2023. You sign up through uQualio.com ♥️

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– uQualio is the award-winning easy-to-use all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video learning