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Pitching uQualio Video4Learning in New York

Hatla Johnsen, Pitching uQualio in New York


The entrepreneurial journey is often filled with highs and lows, challenges and triumphs. Hatla Færch Johnsen & Christian Bjerre Nielsen, the founders of uQualio, a Danish tech startup, recently embarked on a remarkable experience. They traveled to New York to pitch uQualio to investors and others interested in Unlock Your Startup, Nordic Inclusive Investor Summit 2023 in Denmark House, in the Chrysler building in New York.

Here, we take a closer look at uQualio and the founders’ journey. Also, we will highlight the valuable experiences and insights gained during this pivotal moment.

From Idea to Pitch

Every successful venture begins with an idea and uQualio was no exception. 3 professionals recognized the need for a user-friendly, affordable, all-in-one video e-learning platform that empowers businesses to create and distribute online training courses efficiently, so we can change the world for the better. With a clear vision in mind, they embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, building uQualio from scratch.

The Opportunity in Denmark House in New York

Pitching in front of potential investors is a significant milestone for any founder. And, Hatla Færch Johnsen had the chance to present the uQualio white-label training platform in New York. The Nordic Consulates in New York wanted to convey the many potentials of creating diverse businesses and workplaces – and to point towards new and tested practices that attract this current generation of tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders to create thriving businesses. Through best-case practices and live workshops, we will discuss how investing in diverse founding teams can lead to improved financial performance, access to untapped markets, and enhanced innovation.

The Danish Consulate in New York is a renowned platform. It connects Danish startups with US market opportunities, providing a valuable network and exposure. This opportunity was a testament to the potential of the uQualio video microlearning platform. And, the recognition it has garnered in the startup community.

Preparing the Perfect Pitch

Pitching to investors requires thorough preparation, strategic thinking, and effective communication skills. The founders have invested considerable time refining Hatla’s pitch to ensure it resonated with the audience. This process involved crafting a compelling story, highlighting the unique value proposition of uQualio, and showcasing its market potential. The goal was to capture the attention and interest of the investors within a limited timeframe.

Hatla pitching uQualio at Denmark House New York

Navigating the Investor Landscape

Pitching to a diverse group of 250 people brings forth its own set of challenges. The audience included investors, tech founders, academics and researchers in DEI, accelerators and incubators, government officials, and corporate innovation leaders. The purpose of the summit was to connect investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, game changers, and thought leaders from the Nordic countries and the United States. 

As a matter of fact, Hatla Færch Johnsen had to adapt her pitch to cater to different investment preferences and personalities in the room. She researched the investors beforehand, seeking to understand their backgrounds, areas of interest and investment philosophies. Eventually, this allowed her to tailor her presentation to align with their specific needs and priorities.

Overcoming Nerves and Building Confidence

Presenting to a large audience can be nerve-wracking, even for seasoned entrepreneurs. However, Hatla faced the challenge head-on. She practiced her pitch meticulously, while seeking feedback from master classes, mentors, and advisors. By rehearsing and refining her delivery, she built the confidence necessary to captivate the investors. Furthermore, she even made the audience laugh at her karma claim that she needed to improve her karma with good Quality Education.

The Power of Networking

Beyond the pitch itself, the summit in New York provided Hatla & Christian with an invaluable networking opportunity. Engaging with investors, fellow entrepreneurs, and industry experts helped the founders in may ways. It allowed them to expand their professional network, establish connections, and gather insights from experienced individuals. This aspect of the event could lead to future collaborations, partnerships, or mentorship opportunities, further fueling the growth of uQualio.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

Regardless of the outcome of the pitch event, uQualio Video4Learning’s founders have both gotten experiences and insights that were invaluable. Moreover, every pitch serves as an opportunity to learn, refine strategies, and improve. The feedback received from investors, the connections made, and the exposure gained; all contribute to the growth and development of uQualio. With newfound knowledge and a stronger network, the uQualio video training platform is now equipped to drive fast forward.

Overall, pitching uQualio at Denmark House in New York has been a transformative experience for Hatla & Christian – we even met a coming unicorn.

Unicorn in New York

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.