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Ukrainian video experts intern at uQualio

Ukrainian Video production at uQualio - steps video


In the last month, we have had the pleasure of the company of two very competent Ukrainian video experts. They have been helping us as interns make videos while trying to try to work in a Danish office.

Yaroslav & Oleksandr came to Denmark in March, fleeing from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are now settled in with their families in Denmark and are learning Danish and English, to be able to work here.

The municipality of Egedal asked around if anyone could help them with job opportunities. As some had video expertise, we were excited to help out, as we had a big task coming up where we needed new videos.

New uQualios introduction videos & tutorials

We have just updated the design of our website, and the design and user experience on our platform, so the next natural step for us is to update our videos.

Around December last year, we introduced an onboarding system that was supposed to take our users easily through a free trial experience to see how it worked. Unfortunately, the provider stopped making the platform in January. We have therefore been building a new onboarding system entirely based on our own system. To introduce this, we need a new introduction video that explains how everything is used on the platform and how it is set up, to make it really easy to make video eLearning.

Oleksandr Trofymenko recording video

Oleksandr & Yaroslav – video & sound experts

Oleksandr Trofymenko comes from the north of Ukraine and has been responsible for video production. His specialty has been making wedding videos for couples showing how they met and how they got married. His focus has been on making the story and the visual part and editing of the videos.

Yaroslav Mykytyn comes from Kyiv and has been working as a sound technician in his own sound studio in Kyiv for many years and would like the be able to use his skills going forwards to work in Denmark.

Ukrainian video experts intern at uQualio - uQualio
Yaroslav Mykytyn recording sound for tutorials with Hatla

Achievements after a month of work

We have now made a new overall welcome video where our CEO Hatla welcomes people to their free trial account and explains how the platform works overall.

Ukrainian video experts intern at uQualio - uQualio
Recording the uQualio welcome video

To make the platform even easier to use for everyone we have also made seven process step videos so everyone can get the full benefit of its many uses. These have been made with green-screen recordings of our CEO Hatla, to show on the platform, how the different steps work.

When help is activated on any page you will first get one of the steps videos with an explanation of the step, and afterward, red hints on all items that must be changed are shown.

For each red hint we have or are in the process of making new tutorial videos that explain what the item is, how it is used, and how it is changed.

Get a free trial and see the great work they have made.

We are also in the process of adding subtitles to the videos so that they can be adapted to one of the 13 languages on our platform.

Evaluation of the internship

It has been a pleasure to get an insight into how a professional video expert producer & sound engineer works with pictures and sound. To see how easy they have juggled recording, editing, and making sure how pictures, sound, and texts match, has been amazing.

The language barrier has been there – but the amazing Google Translate app has made it much easier than expected.

Do take a look at their work and do not hesitate to reach out to both if you need video production assistance or sound assistance – they are looking for more work.

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