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Why pick uQualio over YouTube? Know the difference

Why pick uQualio over YouTube?


Watching a video about a topic is one thing, understanding it is another ball game. And just like a ball game, you need a perfect setting, a referee, a set of rules and guidelines, and, of course, the thrill of excelling.  … that  winning sensation.

If YouTube is a ball game, and the trophy is a Course Certificate, the setting is sparse. Yes, your player might cover some bases, but there’s no referee. There’s no point system. There’s no or little way to tell whether your player is excelling or where there is growth potential.

With uQualio and eLearning, it’s quite different. Because the participant  is  covering the bases, i.e. completing first, second, third level, etc., and there is a referee i.e. a teacher or mentor meaning:

You define the objectives. The material that supports your objectives. All the components – the outline. You monitor the progress.

Set the learning goals, and levels for learning paths, offer badges for achievements, and give instant feedback to help improve performance.

Here are some of the key advantages over YouTube:

  • Security – control access
  • Data – monitor the participants
  • Track progress – offer certificates or pop quizzes
  • Understanding – make sure the participant understands the course through a series of predefined steps

Timing is Key

Another key advantage is that those courses are not just offered in bulk like on YouTube. Because they’re offered in a secure, controlled environment this means that you can maintain an upwards learning curve.

What is that you might ask? Well, if a course is closer to the time when an employee might use their acquired skill, then their fresh knowledge remains… fresh. If the course lies in a bulk tutorial somewhere, there’s no guarantee that the knowledge is acquired, remembered, and understood.

eLearning is not just about uploading courses online, it’s about the choosing right platform.

…and when you’re serious about learning, you’re serious about the right foundation.

Whether it’s for preboarding, onboarding, compliance, or product training, our flexible eLearning platform offers secure, customizable & premium solutions for any brand or organization.

Click for a 14-day free trial and try out it for yourself.

Why pick uQualio over YouTube?

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.