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uQualio member of MADE.DK

uQualio member of MADE.DK


uQualios video eLearning solution has been tested on MADEs Learning Factory at VIA College University in Horsens for its efficiency as a digital Peer-to-peer training solution for starting an industry robot against an augmented reality solution, and a virtual reality solution. Learn why video wins over VR, AR, and assisted learning solutions.

MADE wanted to investigate how employees at manufacturing firms can be professionally trained on-site to prepare them for a digital future. We are still waiting patiently to know what they have found out.

MADE stands for “Manufacturing Academy of Denmark” and was launched in 2014 by the industry, funds, associations, and research communities. MADE is National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. The vision is to make world-class Danish manufacturing through research, innovation, and education. The purpose of MADE is to facilitate applied industrial research, develop new solutions and technologies, and spread them to a wide range of Danish production companies to stand strong in the global competition and be ready for INDUSTRY 4.0.

uQualio has decided to become a member of MADE.DK, we look forwards to learning more, and good cooperation, and hopefully together, we can create world-class manufacturing training!


More about MADE

If Denmark is to remain a competitive manufacturing nation, it is necessary to work together and build on the Danish strengths in innovation, education, and our application of digital technologies.

MADE contributes to the creation of a strong Danish manufacturing ecosystem, consisting of leading research environments, technological experts, large industrial companies, and a great number of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Globalization during the last decade has shown that a healthy Danish economy relies on strong manufacturing industry. Danish manufacturing is a cornerstone in a robust national economy and a precondition for our ability to innovate. In a strategic alliance, Danish manufacturing companies, private funds, industrial associations, and research environments have created the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE).

The vision is to make Denmark the world’s leading manufacturing nation through research, innovation, and education. In innovative and creative cooperation between companies, researchers, and specialists, MADE exploits and enhances the strongholds, for which Denmark is world-renowned:

  • Denmark is among the leading nations in producing high-value and high-tech industrial products of the highest quality.
  • Denmark has a highly-skilled, well-educated workforce, flexible labor markets, and a long tradition of cooperation and mutual trust.
  • Denmark has many small enterprises leading in niche fields, enabling cooperation across companies.

MADE develops and disseminates industrial research solutions, based on the state of the art knowledge and technology, to Danish manufacturing companies – no matter the size, branch of business, or geography. 

uQualio member of MADE.DK

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.