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uQualio® Product News, June 2023 

2023 uQualio product News


At uQualio® we are focused on supporting your business and have integrated our users’ feedback, requests, and questions into our development pipeline. Using your input, we release updates including, new features, improvements, and error corrections one to three times weekly. You can follow our releases on our website. You can find our development roadmap – a crystal ball where our future is revealed. 

The next product news webinar is on 7 September, at 15.00 CET/9 am EST – sign up.  

Find the highlights of the last month’s development with links below or view the full webinar walkthrough here

New uQualio features 

You have multiple channels with different scopes. The course assistant role is needed on one channel, but not on another. You can now control the access to users and data and prevent sharing.

With programs, you can automate user and group management. Adding or removing users from a program automatically adds or removes invites to the groups. Adding or removing groups from a program automatically adds or removes groups from users. Simplified creating a program from scratch – List names get the program name as the default. 

When you sell course or channel access you define your account and pricing. Both must be active. Elements we check before we display sales items: eCommerce enabled, and Stripe account set up and active 

When the user has content dripped one by one we now show the total number of topics. Instead of “1/1” we now show “1/6” to indicate that the user must go through a total of 6 topics.

Other features 

  • Image size load improvements: We did not resize all images to fit the display before showing to your users. Adding resize consistently reduced downloaded bytes … and size does matter!  5MB original image is now shown as 200x200px … 95% reduction 
  • Search results more compact: Search results have been more compact on mobile and browsers. More shown as search hits 
  • Course page link directly to test 
2023 uQualio product News

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