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uQualio supports Team Rynkeby fundraising for children’s cancer research   

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Bjarne Brynk Jensen, with the help of uQualio, is working actively to help the international charity organization Team Rynkeby to facilitate webinars for significant sponsors of the organization. The aim: to exchange business ideas – and promote children’s cancer research.

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Story of Team Rynkeby

In the early 2000s, a pair of Rynkeby employees hatched a dream to build a team of cyclists that would ride from Denmark to Paris and experience the much-celebrated Tour de France. When Bjarne Brynk Jensen tells the story, this was the beginning of something great.

The original idea of cycling from Denmark to France for adventure changed into a project to raise money for children with cancer.”

As the project expanded and began to capture the heart, and participation, of several countries people felt they were a part of something greater:

As the project progressed on all cylinders, studies began to show that being engaged in charitable work, that being a part of something greater and giving back to your community, actually extends your life and relieves you of stress.

In many ways, Team Rynkeby turned into a facilitator of health and stress-release whilst fighting cancer. But there was more…

Bjarne Brynk Jensen found his life changed in many ways. Brynk taught business topics at the German Chamber of Commerce for decades in both English and German. His foothold and methods have been carved by traditional ways of holding seminars, and teaching others. By being there and travelling all over the world. Brynk was in the process of his own quiet revolution – to convert his teaching platform into a dynamic, digital platform.

Giving back – one screen at a time

Today, Team Rynkeby enjoys the full force of around 2500 bicycle riders from all over the world. Not to mention that the project has funded € 75 million for child cancer treatment and research to date. Brynk wanted to give back. He was an active rider and a gold sponsor. He wanted to offer the sponsors something, as a token of his appreciation. Team Rynkeby was personal to Brynk:

I have survived cancer myself, and I know firsthand that it’s no picnic. And even though I was an active rider and a golden sponsor, I was left with a hollow feeling: I can do more. And I started planning ways of how to give back to the other sponsors.

Brynk began to offer what he did best. While converting his classroom into a digital one, his idea was to offer webinars to the sponsors. A forum of ideas that can be exchanged via the eLearning platform. And uQualio became the platform of choice. And the lessons learned from a project such as this one, a project that’s still growing, are hopefully ones that can be embraced by other charities and NGO’s.

My aim is to provoke, but not in an aggressive way, more in a comfortable way, a way that keeps the mind going,

Brynk explains and laughs. So Brynk offered a space, tools to create a virtual studio. As mentioned previously, Brynk is known as a Virtual DJ, which means he knows firsthand how to capture the attention of the viewer with visual aids and fancy charts.

In the first webinar the entrepreneur, investor and TV celebrity, Mia Wagner, talked about how giving back and working as a volunteer actually extends your life. All these webinars were a forum of knowledge that our sponsors could benefit from.”

And it grew into much more than that.

We started off with two experimental webinars where one of them was directed towards how you present yourself in a virtual setting, and we took off from there,” Brynk readily explains, “But the experiments were only in terms of the setting. The process behind them was very well thought through. One webinar for instance focused on the fact of what happens when we return to work and how do we initiate a working process after countless zoom meetings during a pandemic? How do we get rid of excess work?

uQualio was part of the project from the get-go. With a fluid, compatible platform it was easy to employ Brynk’s webinars into the platform. But Brynk was already several steps ahead:

With the technical set up I have in my own studio I can communicate with my German facilitators and create a webinar where, for instance, there is a tutorial that a team of two people can work together to solve.”

Brynk presses all but a few buttons and has already created a rich user experience. All he needs to do next is publish.

At uQualio we can’t wait to see what’s next for Team Rynkeby, and we can’t wait to help other organizations in fulfilling their promise.

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