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'We the Educators' Podcast

We the Educators Podcast featuring cbree and uqualio

In this episode of the ‘We The Educators’ podcast, Earl Breon and Dr. Ramo Lordeni, from CBREE chat with uQualio and CEO @Hatla Johnsen about microlearning and how video training platforms can help change education for the better!

CBREE will start using the uQualio platform as part of its attempts to bridge 21st Century Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning. @uQualio we sincerely hope they will be able to use our platform to succeed in making education that can help reduce poverty, increase wealth, ensure better health, prevent injustice and inequality, drive sustainable growth, and protect the planet.

Listen here

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3q9bx1V9FVmc5du6ZgDFV5?si=a71a11c699554c86

We the educators

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