Why You Need Video!

Video for online learning

It is estimated that YouTube videos are viewed 4 billion times daily, and Vimeo videos 715 million times monthly. This is far beyond a trend, an avalanche, or possibly a stampede.  The history of moving pictures   In 1890 William Dickson unveiled the Kinetograph, a primitive motion picture camera. Over the years since, moving pictures have […]

uQualio makes it easy to import AI-generated videos

AI-generation video platforms integration with uqualio

As you might have noticed we have integrations with the following awesome AI video platforms on uQualio (click to see how easy it is) Why have we made it easy to import AI-generated videos? AI-generated video is a hot topic these days, and we sat down with our CEO Hatla Johnsen for a quick Q […]


Test learning technologies for industry 4.0 digital peer training

Which learning technologies should you invest in when it comes to training employees in production companies? uQualio has been part of a MADE – Manufacturing Academy Denmark experiment in the Learning Factory project at VIA University College that we have written about before. Dive into the fresh results and learn what the technologies can and cannot be used for and their […]

uQualio member of MADE.DK

uQualio member of MADE.DK

uQualios video eLearning solution has been tested on MADEs Learning Factory at VIA College University in Horsens for its efficiency as a digital Peer-to-peer training solution for starting an industry robot against an augmented reality solution, and a virtual reality solution. Learn why video wins over VR, AR, and assisted learning solutions. MADE wanted to investigate how employees at […]

QR codes & Just in Time Learning

Just-in-time learning (JIT) is video-based microlearning designed to prepare an employee just prior to
a task or during. Using QR code makes it super easy to find the training nomatter if it is for technical
support training, branding training, or anything else you can add to a video.

Apply Animation to Narrow Gap between Patients and Doctors 

Mind the gap in writing

Medical concepts are complicated and it is difficult to explain them to customers. Patients who have zero medical knowledge may find it challenging to understand their conditions, medication, or pain. The confusions make patients less likely to go to hospitals or use medical treatment effectively. The healthcare business could surpass this challenge by applying animation […]

How to get most out of videos? 

record video with your phone

Video as a means of communication is becoming more and more common for all sizes of companies. Smartphones, drones, and Social Media make it very easy for everyone to produce and publish videos, and it makes it possible for companies to act in a much more agile manner and reach a much larger audience than […]