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Why Teach Sales Reps Product Knowledge?

Why Teach Sales Reps Product Knowledge?


Learn why and howeLearning creation authoring software can increase your sales!

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1.      Customer satisfaction

Companies who are in the business for the long run know that customer experience and satisfaction is crucial to make and keep customers. As sales reps present a product for customers, he or she has a tremendous impact on the customer perception of a product. This makes the level of product knowledge for the sales rep your key to making customers love your products. Motivated and skilled sales reps are your strongest competitive advantage.

2.      Increase revenue of the profitable products

One of the obvious reasons to train sales reps is to increase sales. But beyond revenue in general, you can help sales reps focus on selling products with a higher profit margin. Those products are typically more complex to sell, thus the importance of targeted training.

Often sales reps will promote and sell the cheapest products. So, to ensure a revenue increase on the products with the highest profit, sales reps should be trained in product knowledge, value proposition, and objection handling. It optimizes ROI when done right.

3.      Competition and mindset

When relying on channel partners, it can be challenging to influence these sales reps and often impossible to manage their product training – when offering traditional face-to-face product training courses. With modern learning tools, you have a direct way to communicate, influence, and ensure the right level of product knowledge – which benefits both your company and your channel partners.

The competition will always be present. The customer can choose a different product from a competitor or a cheaper product if the sales rep isn’t sufficiently knowledgeable about the benefits of your product versus the competition. And from a channel partners perspective, the customer might go to a competitor of theirs, if the customer didn’t get the experience they expect from the sales rep.

From a manufacturer’s perspective, when using channel partners, typically the partners represent several different competitors. And the dynamics are here quite simple, the sales rep is likely to promote the products they know the best. Your ability to ensure product training determines how predominant your product is in your sales rep’s mind. And that’s where the battle is won with the customer.

And if you include gamification based on the learning results into the equation, it can increase the impact even further.

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