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EdTech Denmark CEO Mikkel Frich Visits uQualio

uQualio becomes the member of EdTech Denmark


EdTech Denmark – a new powerful network for uQualio –  the best video eLearning software solution!

About EdTech Denmark

​EdTech Denmark (DK) was recently established in Denmark to enhance collaboration and gains from the development and use of learning technologies and services. This is done as a non-profit, market-driven association for private and public actors where the members are Danish companies, researchers, analysts, and educational institutions working in the field of learning technology.

EdTech DK’s goal is to facilitate and make partnerships with stakeholders in EdTech to support innovation projects, business development and research activities both nationally and internationally. EdTech Denmark provides and disseminates knowledge about learning and learning technologies in order to strengthen innovation in the education sector, in business, and in Danish society.

uQualio’s CEO Kent Valentin Fallesen was happy to find EdTech Denmark established:

“Fantastic to have an EdTech association in Denmark that nationally and internationally can facilitate and promote a network for learning & learning technology. At uQualio, we are happy to be a member.”

uQualio Joins EdTech Denmark

uQualio joined EdTech Denmark as we share common ground and have mutual interests. EdTech DK wants to create a learning network to support innovation and research activities. The uQualio video training platform wishes to improve people’s skills on all levels by offering a low-cost, fun-to-use solution. The platform lets anyone turn almost any video into eLearning, thereby allowing companies and NGOs to take fast action in training employees, sales partners, or other interest groups.

Got the Chance to Ask a Few Questions

​When Mikkel Frich, CEO of EdTech Denmark, came to visit us, we had the opportunity to explain more about who we are and what we are doing to innovate in the industry.

Corporate discussion

During the visit, we also asked Mikkel a few questions about EdTech Denmark. How we can bring value to the newly established network and what companies like uQualio can benefit from being a member:

​Q: “Now you have heard about the uQualio video eLearning platform, what has impressed you most?

A: “There are probably as many start-up business models as there are start-up’s but uQualio’s approach to video eLearning is both special and very usable. They think big, start small , and scale fast. Making a platform that immediately, also internationally, supports microlearning for both education sector, NGOs, and companies is pretty exceptional.”

Q: ”What is your plan for startups?”

A: “To help them expand, follow the research and progress of the company. Put the start-up in contact with companies that could use their technologies to profit themselves. Partnerships are part of the goal at EdTech Denmark.”

Q: “With who do you share the latest knowledge of learning methods?” 

A: ”Our members, EdTech is a non-profit organization. Our objectives are to help by creating a community around new technologies, to increase research and development.”

Q: “How can uQualio Video4Learning help EdTech Denmark and its other members?”

A: ”Making people aware of uQualio is the first step, getting people to see what is possible, and let companies try it out, it is a low-cost risk.” 

​Based on Mikkel’s visit, it’s pretty clear, that for any start-up within the educational sector, EdTech Denmark is a real opportunity that could make a big difference. It is not just about meeting people, it’s about meeting the right people, putting in contact companies that can fulfill each other needs.

Sharing similar values is good for partnership!” both CEOs agreed.

​We look forward to the cooperation and inspiration going forward. Already at TECHBBQ, you can find both EdTech DK and uQualio Video4Learning.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.