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How to make video marketing on uQualio

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You’ve seen it

…and you’ve probably clicked on it. Video marketing is a proven tool. It works. It’s popular. And there’s little excuse not to use it to promote your course.

Set clear goals 

A good marketing video serves a specific purpose. Do you want people to engage with the product, or do you want to present a new feature or product? Whatever the goal, it needs to be communicated clearly and elegantly in your video – without fuss or excess words.

Product Videos – a new frontier

Product videos are the trend right now because they provide an exciting space where customers – or your employees – can dive deeper into the different workings of a product.

Specialized products, for instance, can be difficult to provide on-site instructions. Employees might forget key information after a training session, and if there’s a manual – forget about it. No one has time to read and remember paragraphs while feigning interest. Here’s the power of the product video. A good product video is fun to watch, and if it’s well produced then it serves to be memorable.

ON THE AIR – right now with your product

Live transmissions are not only reserved for major network channels. You can easily create a live broadcast where you showcase your product and its features. There’s also an air of anticipation, and excitement that goes with a live transmission. It’s something that you have to “show up for” which elevates the sense of commitment and engagement.

If you record the live transmission you can then bite-size the video and turn it into microlearning videos that can be sent out to remind people of the features in their moment of need.

Other types of videos can be:

  • Testimonials – hear normal people engage with the product and share experiences
  • User-Generated Videos – Provide a real-life experience of an employee, for instance, dealing with a product, and sharing that experience. From  his or her  point of view
  •  Explainer Videos – videos that explain everything from product to service

Why is this so important? 

Besides driving up engagement, videos provide value. You can SEO optimize them, and in social media, the platforms have adapted videos as their central way of expression. People want to hit play, and they want to be entertained or informed. And video is seamless with the mobile experience. So if you want to be a part of the mobile experience, videos are the way to go.

uQualio is already a platform that is centered around video and has the right tools for you to upload your videos and create the right distribution. Add the marketing course on your product with a QR code for fast access. Publicly or privately – the choice is yours.

Plan your Marketing video elearning platform

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.