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Introducing the new uQualio logo

uQualio development roadmap


Our existing but also potential customers have problems spelling and pronouncing uQualio – so for a long time, we have been investigating how we should solve this and make it easier for anyone to find us.

New name and logo?

In the spring we found the best new name and thought we would now introduce you to this – unfortunately, we have been writing a lot with YouTube who thought it was too close to their name, which was why we launched our new website with new brand colors by updating our old logo.

We now know – despite having the trademark for the name that it is a no go name…

Since we realized we cannot use the planned new name, we have tried to find a good new plan to address the naming issues. And the big news is…

We have decided to continue with our current name uQualio!

New uQualio logo

Today we are introducing the new uQualio logo that makes it a lot easier to read our name – it symbolizes in the font how simple and straightforward we are as a platform. No funny curls – just affordable and easy to use.

Thank you for helping with a new tagline

2 weeks ago we asked you to help us find a new tagline that describes what we do, that makes it easier for people to find us, and understand what you can do with our video eLearning platform.

Thank you very much for all your good suggestions and input!

Video4Learning is uQualios new logo tagline

Introducing the new uQualio logo - uQualio

First of all, our new tagline describes our product, an LMS software platform where you can easily turn video into learning – but as important that we are a profit with a purpose.

The UN SDG 4 is dedicated to promoting Quality education – and this is a mission that we support.

uQualio strives to be a video eLearning platform that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create and distribute highly effective video eLearning whether for private, public, or eCommerce purposes!

Our vision is to make it easy for anyone to positively change their business & the world through affordable quality education!

The good news is that Video4Learning is also a lot easier to spell – so if you have trouble finding us through the name uQualio – then try using

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.