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Know your type: eLearning, Video Training or just a bit of Micro Learning? 

Get to know your Learning type: What to use?


Navigating between the concepts of ‘eLearning’, ‘Video training’, and ‘Microlearning’ can be a little tricky – we often experience that people do not know the difference and as the words encompass different methods, we’ll try to explain them here in a short and orderly fashion, so you enlightened can get back to managing your business.  

eLearning: the overall word for online training  

eLearning is any kind of training delivered through online electronic technologies be it webpages, video, smartphones, MLearning, files, live streaming, etc.  

eLearning is the big picture, the watchtower that leads curious learners into the harbor.         

Video Training  

Video training is the delivery of training in a video format. That means that everything is based on the videos.  

Information can be condensed using video, and therefore leaves less of a cognitive load on your learners and helps them quickly and easily to digest your content.  

Video is, virtually, for everyone.  

Micro Learning & Bite-sized learning  

Micro-Learning or bite-sized learning refers to the method of creating courses that are short and delivered as training in small-sized pieces of content. Micro-learning has proved exceptionally valuable because it fits the busy nature of the work environment and the common attention span of the viewer. Micro-learning offers bursts of knowledge that ignites the curious mind.  

Can’t decide?  

All of the above are highly efficient tools with a proven high retention rate. They are all flexible, never restricted to a certain place, time or agenda, so you can follow a course at your own learning rate, on any device, and 24/7. Allowing learners to take short & engaging courses at their convenience. 

No matter the choice, they are all vital tools that can immerse employees, customers & partners into your company’s vision.   

To help make your own courses, reach out to us if relevant. 

We’ll do our very best – as always. 




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