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New Video Step Guide on uQualio

New onboarding steps guide in uQualio


Onboarding a new software platform can often be really difficult – which is a shame as you risk missing out on the possibilities of the software and therefore end up not understanding it or not using it to its full potential.

At uQualio we eat our own dog food! We preach lean just-in-time microlearning videos and we have of course therefore based our new video steps onboarding guide on this methodology.

Reading time: 1 min 4 secs. Words: 295

Steps intro videos

At every step of the process of setting up our software platform, you can now press help. This will show you a short step video guide that overall explains how the step works and what to do (max. 1,5 minutes).

Microlearning tutorial videos

After you close the step video, you will find either question marks or red hints on all items that you can change. Press one of these to get a micro-learning video that explains how the item works, what to change, etc.

Customer feedback

Some of our customers have already found the new video tutorial feature and we have gotten this response:

“Brilliant – Really really great little tutorial videos!! It’s really good – and much easier to understand than a text with or without pictures😊”

Get certified in uQualio

You can go to the uQualio product tutorial channel and take the uQualio admin certification by passing each of the 8 steps to get the full potential of the uQualio platform.

If you want to store and prove the certificate to your employer, please send us an email at, so we can sign you up as a known user.

We hope you will like this too – please give us feedback if you have ideas for further improvements.

Free trial

If you have not tried uQualio you are always welcome to sign up for a full free trial where you can make a course and send it to up to 10 people to see how it works.

New steps onboarding guide in uQualio

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