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Nordic Inclusive Investor Summit 2023 – Unlock Your Startup 

Unlock your start up uQualio Hatla Johnsen

uQualio is one of two Danish companies selected by the Nordic Consulates General in New York to participate in the Nordic Inclusive Summit on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, from 12 pm – 8 pm.  

Team uQualio includes Hatla Johnsen, our CEO, who will be a keynote speaker, and Christian Nielsen, our CFO. Both of whom will be on hand to join workshops, make presentations, discuss initiatives, and answer questions.  

The summit is being sponsored by the Nordic Consulates (Consulate General of Finland in New York, Consulate General of Denmark in New York, Consulate General of Sweden in New York, Royal Norwegian Consulate General New York, Consulate General of Iceland in New York). 

The event is dedicated to exploring the potential benefits of creating diverse businesses and workplaces, and the technology needed to establish and support trends in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  

During the event, investors, tech founders, academics, and researchers will present best-case practices at two live workshops, with a focus on brand-new research, data, and the tools needed to improve financial performance, access untapped markets, encourage innovation, and enhance workplace diversity.  

Join the summit in-person, or online and take part in numerous startup presentations, meet VC investors, accelerators and incubators, tech founders, and potential community partners. 

This event is about creating business and investment opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, game changers, and thought leaders from the Nordic countries and the United States aiming to realize the advantages of a diverse startup ecosystem. 

As a communication and video eLearning platform, team uQualio is thrilled to be taking part in this important event, and we hope to see you there! 

Livestreaming: It is no longer possible to watch it online….

Nordic inclusive investor summit 2023 - Unlock your startup - featured speaker Hatla Johnsen

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