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‘School in Reality’ visits uQualio

School in reality learning about software and video training at uQualio

How do you make software?” “How does the cloud work?” “And why are history and languages ​​also important subjects for software companies?

These are some of the questions for our CPO Christian when uQualio Video4Learning took part in the project ‘School in Reality’ in June 2023.

School in reality learning about software and video training at uQualio

For several years, uQualio has contributed to the project, which allows primary school pupils to see how skills are used in reality. At uQualio that means delving into real-world topics related to software development, video, and communication. The purpose of the project is to inspire young people’s educational journey towards the future. This year the questions came from an 8th-grade class from Stengårdsskolen in Ølstykke, Egedal Municipality.

In collaboration with the class teacher Esben Hjort, we made a two-day program with the following content:

Day 1 at school

  • Introduction of uQualio as a company
  • Introduction to being a tech start-up
  • Questions about having a business, coming up with an idea, etc.
  • Introduction to our training platform
  • Task introduction to building a mini-learning course around a subject in mathematics, Danish, sports

Day 2 at uQualio

  • Each group worked on their mini-learning product
  • Rounds with review and feedback
  • Updating the learning product after the review
  • The final presentation of the product

There were many questions and detours, especially on the first day. There was good inquiry and interest in how a company can be on a farm in Veksø, and at the same time globally create a SaaS solution for video-based training.

School in reality team work on the farm making micro learning video courses

It was impressive to see how some of the groups were completely immersed in our video-learning platform in a short time and how, together with their videos, they created exciting and fun courses. We learned something about changing toilet paper, starting the lawnmower, climate, and several other topics.

Thanks to Esben and the class for joining. We hope they took something home – and learned that much of what they have already learned, not only the natural sciences but also languages, history, and design, is used when working in a software company like uQualio.

More School team work on the farm making micro learning video courses

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