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Top MicroVideo, eLearning Producers & Providers 2020 



Looking for video eLearning content to train your employees on your own video eLearning authoring & creation software?

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Perhaps you are searching for the perfect video eLearning producer? Or maybe you need specific support to complete your upcoming eLearning project? Not to worry, we have all the bases covered!

2020 has been a pivotal year for eLearning. People around the world are adapting to the new reality of working and learning remotely, a trend that is clearly here to stay. Indeed, embracing the increasing importance of eLearning and adding it to your toolbox is one way to proactively address the huge paradigm shift we are all living through.

A video eLearning platform can bring countless advantages to all the learning, training, and upskilling projects your business needs, as we recently discussed in detail.

As in all creative endeavors, there will be times when you need help to create, produce, edit, add animation, narration, or other aspects of your video eLearning projects. To this end, we have updated our Top 12 list from last year and included everything from microlearning video producers to actual video eLearning content resellers to help you create the perfect video eLearning solution for your organization.

You can find the service providers that we really recommend on the uQ Service Provider Platform .

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