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uQualio® Product News (Aug. 2020) 

UQualio® Product News in August 2020


We are happy to share the following released platform Updates

We have improved the following areas in our eLearning creation authoring software since the last release presentation:

  • Scene Selector – no more need for someone to cut your webinar video into small pieces. Upload the video, divide it into scenes, and you have your learning ready
  • Webcam for photos and video
  • Unsplash images
  • User management imports, user descriptions, invitation
  • Test Runner made more clear
  • Question Editor (preparation for new question types)
  • And many smaller improvements and error corrections

Each main feature is described in the next section.

Scene selector (“voted feature ✔”)

In the current Covid19 situation, most of us have participated in a webinar and received a link to the recording afterward. There is not a lot of learning in a raw webinar recording – it can be quite boring to watch the whole thing again and you don’t know what to skip to get to the important parts of the webinar.

uQualio® introduces the scene selector to help you get the key messages from the webinar out as eLearning. An easy-to-use feature, so you no longer need help from someone to edit the video.

Scene selector example

You simply upload the complete video first. Then you reuse the topic and select the scene you want to show, which here starts at 0:30 and ends at 1:05 – so that is what you write and that is what it will show only. No cutting, no secondary upload. You find the relevant scenes and publish them as a new topic. Just add questions and attachments as you would do on any topic.

The user will on the status bar see that the current topic is a selected scene from a longer video recording.

Scene selector example

The white part of the video is not selected for the scene.

Webcam recording directly (Your voted feature ✔)

As a user, you can now give feedback to a course via your webcam. It is possible to both take photos and record videos directly for upload. This is useful for e.g. feedback and for recording new content.

Webcam recording directly example

Under ‘Feedback’ you click on ‘Take Photo’, ‘Record Video’, or ‘Record Audio’ to create directly from your webcam and microphone.

Unsplash images – upload directly to your content

Unsplash images - upload directly to your content

Unsplash images are now directly available for use in your content in most places where you can add images. Unsplash is a service providing free images for any use you need. This is a good way to find images that match your content on uQualio®. You can now search for images matching any term e.g. ‘Spain wine’ to get images from Unsplash to include in your content.

We have a couple of places left with the previous upload options. It is expected to have all upload elements updated to the new layout and options in the coming releases.

Test runner

The test runner is updated to improve the user experience.

When you have answered a question the next button changes color. The numbers are made smaller and the secondary navigation is moved to the bottom of the Test Runner.

‘Continue later’ is renamed to ‘Pause’ as users understand this better.

Test runner

Question Editor

We are working on adding two new question types in the coming releases: The new question types are poll question (“voted feature ✔”) and fill-in question.

To prepare for this we have updated the Question Editor. Your input on how to make it easier to use has helped us.

Question Editor

The settings have been moved to the top of the dialog. We have added more space for both question text and answer texts.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.