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uQualio® Product News, December 2020 

uQualio Product News in December 2020


At uQualio the eLearning eLearning creation & authoring LMS software platform we are always happy to share the latest learning platform updates with you

We have improved these areas since the last release presentation:

  • Multivalued fields – paste into e.g., Tags, Emails, and similar fields
  • Channel Manager – updated user interface
  • Content Editor – better layout for topics
  • Search filters ‘Created by’ and ‘Modified by’
  • Users – admin actions added

Each feature is described in the following sections.

uQualio is released iteratively with new features, improvements, and error corrections. We typically release 1 to 3 times a week to support your business. You can follow our releases on our website .

Multivalued fields – easy to paste

As a course manager, you may want to add two or three users by email. The emails often come from a spreadsheet or another application.

You can now paste them directly into the email fields of e.g. add users and add admins. Copy the emails from the other application and paste them into the fields.

Multivalued fields – easy to paste example

This works for adding admins as well.

Add new managers example

You can enter multiple tags in one step with the new multivalue field. You do not have to enter them one by one as before. This makes your tag maintenance much easier for each of your courses.

Multivalue field example
Multivalue field after being saved.

Channel Manager – updated user interface

We released the Channel Manager last month. Your feedback and suggestions are integrated into the update.

Channel Manager - updated user interface

We have removed the button for content versions. This is not useful and simplifies the user interface.

Create a new course is made with the button “+CREATE COURSE”. The button is available on all Channel Manager pages except the Channel Editor.

When you want to create a new course, we have also simplified the creation. The dialogue is simplified and you cannot enter text until you have selected the content version you want to base the course on.

Course based on content version

When you have selected the content version for your new course, then you can preview the version and add the specific texts for your course. The information from the content version is prefilled into the fields.

Content Editor – better layout for topics

Topics are improved in the content layout. The information is structured more logically together and the text is formatted to help.

Content editor example

The top line contains the settings for how the topic is used (included in the test, reuse or not, exclude completely from content).

The topic header has changed to a larger and clearer font. It now looks as it does in the published course.

We have limited the size of the topic description in the Content Editor. Previously, the text could make the topic take up much space on the screen.

The last line contains topic information like duration, scene selection data, and a number of each question type.

Search filters ‘Created by’ and ‘Modified by’

Often when you search as an admin you know who made the item you look for. To help you, we have added two new search filters:

  • Created by
  • Modified by

The filters are available in

  • Content Manager
  • Search in Course Tree
Search filters 'Created by' and 'Modified by'

When you open the filter the list of users are shown.

Search filters 'Created by' and 'Modified by'

The filters are shown when you start a search with a text.

Please note that we only store the value of the last user who modified something. We do not have a list of all users who modified the item.

Users – admin actions added

As an admin you have a couple of standard tasks:

· Reset password

· Change user status (White Label only)

Reset password

We have enabled that you can reset the user’s password from the Users lists in the system.

Reset password button

Select the user’s int Channel Manager Users. When one or more users are selected you can press the button RESET PASSWORD.

Then users will receive a mail with a link to reset their password. Please note that the selected users are logged out of all sessions within five minutes after you have requested a password reset.

Change user status (White Label only)

As an admin, you need to remove a user from your account. This is enabled now for Account Users. Here you can change the user’s status.

Change user status (White Label only)

You cannot change the status for yourself or any admin users that are primary contact.

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