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February 2023 Product News: uQualio Video4Learning

uQualio March 2023 product news


At uQualio Video4Learning, we are always happy to share the latest video training platform updates with you 🚀

The highlights of the last month’s development include the following:

  • New features:
    • Programs – course automation (initial release)User fields – report configurationMy account – usage reports
    • Quick create – directly to Library

  • Other changes and new features:
    • Content preview/Channel previewEdit Topic – Scene selectionDefault reporting date
    • Multi-assign updates

At uQualio, we are focused on supporting your business and have integrated our users’ feedback, requests, and questions into our development pipeline. You find our development roadmap here – a crystal ball where the future is revealed.

Using your input, we release updates including, new features, improvements, and error corrections one to three times weekly. You can follow our releases on our website.

The next product news webinar is in March 2023 – sign up here.

Go to the latest Product News webinar where you can see a demo of all the changes – or take a link to the feature you want to see below. 

New Features

  • Programs – course automation (initial release)
    • We will add a new course automation feature to the platform in the coming months. Course Automation is aimed at making things more straightforward to do and letting the platform handle more of the trivial tasks
      • Less time for standard processes Minimize the risk of errors
      A program is a collection of users lists and group lists you manage as one
    • Programs and Lists create the dynamic and automatic process
      • Add a user to a list included in one or more programs
        • The user is automatically invited to all courses in the program
      • Add a new course to an included in one or more programs
        • All users in the program are invited to the new course
  • User fields – report configuration
    • You can define user fields in reports as settings for all fields to display under Configuration -> Settings -> Available User Fields
    • The list now includes the User Properties as configured and not only the generic user fields
  • My account – usage reports
    • We recently updated our pricing model towards a fully ‘pay-as-you-go’ subscription
    • To support the pricing model, we have added more details in Usage with pages
      • User Balance
      • Admin Balance
      • Channel Balance
  • Quick create – directly to Library
    • It is now possible to upload directly to Library from Quick Create
    • Useful for mobile uploads where you just need to get the video into the platform for later course creation

Other Changes and New Features

We have made several changes and new features:

  • Content preview/Channel preview
    • Show as browser/table/device changed to secondary buttons
    • The channel page only shows this when opened from the Channel Editor
  • Edit Topic – Scene selection
    • Scene selection is now hidden until you use it
  • Default reporting date
    • The default reporting date can now be set Defaults to ‘All data’
    • Configuration -> Settings -> Reports -> Default Date Range
  • Multi-assign updates
    • Multi-assign tasks will be updated to work with programs
    • You can add new groups directly to a new or existing list in the creation flow

Sneak Preview

We are working on these features and expect to deliver most of them before we have the next product news webinar.

  • New screen recorder – with the option to record both screen and camera simultaneously.
  • Notifications added as configuration for Course Automation feature.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.