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uQualio® Product News September 2020 

uQualio® Product News September 2020


We are happy to share the following released platform updates

We have improved the following areas in our eLearning creation authoring software since the last release presentation:

  • New question types have been added

o Poll question

o Text question

o Question marked as required for test

  • Multi-assign users to courses – make course administration super easy!
  • And many smaller improvements and error corrections

Each main feature is described in the next section.

New question types (“voted feature ✔”)

We have until this release supported a single choice question in uQualio® as this is a very useful question type and it has several good features in learning and training. On the other hand, the limitations of single-choice questions are also clear.

Based on customer requests we have added two new questions types in uQualio®:

  • Poll Question
  • Text Question

Currently, we do not plan to add more question types. We want a good mobile experience and some of the more advanced question types do not work well on a small screen.

Poll Question

Not all questions can be answered as ‘yes/no’ or ‘pick one correct answer of the following options. We have made it possible to post a question like:

  • Energized
  • Ready to rock
  • Indifferent
  • Worried
Poll Question view

You can add as many options as you like, but typically 3 to 5 work well.

The user will see the feedback directly after answering the poll question if ‘Show statistics in practice is selected.

User feedback visual example

The first time the poll question is published to a course the question is locked. You cannot make changes to a published poll question. Adding or removing answer options would give a wrong statistical view of the answers.

You can copy a poll question, modify the question and/or answers, and save it. The next time you publish the content, the new poll question is used. Do not forget to delete the old poll question or uncheck ‘Practice’ and ‘Test’ to disable the question.

Text Question

While Single Choice and Poll Questions work well for many questions, you may also have the need for a written answer to some questions. You can test the deeper understanding and not just the basic facts about the learning area.

To help you with this, we have also added another new question type: Text Question.

Text Question example

The question is entered, and you can then define the minimum and maximum characters the user must enter. You can also enter a short help or tip to the question. It is displayed the first time the user sees the question. Currently, we have defined the maximum answer length as 1.000 characters. In case you find a need for more, then please send a mail to

Mark questions as required for the test

You can now mark a question as being required for completing the test. When the question is marked and presented in the test, then the user cannot submit the test until all questions with this marking are answered.

Mark question as required for test example

The question has a warning triangle after the text. The required questions are marked with a red dot above the question number in the navigation. If the user tries to finish the test without the questions being answered then a warning is shown.

Multi-assign users to courses (Your voted feature ✔)

Adding one or more users to one course is very easy in uQualio®. You can invite users one by one by email or a mobile phone number or alternatively upload one or more spreadsheets with new users.

Our customers have told us that they often add the same users to two or more courses in one go. This could be a general introduction to the company, a safety course, or an IT security course. To do that, it requires that you create three separate groups or invitations to existing groups, which takes extra time and is tiresome.

To help with this use case we have created two new tasks for the corporate manager:

· Assign Users to Courses

· Assign Courses to Users

Using multi-assign makes this an easy task that takes a short time compared to doing the assignments one by one.

Course Manager – Tasks

The new tasks are available from the Course Manager for admin users with the role ‘corporate manager’. You can assign multiple users to several different courses and vice-versa.

Course Manager Tasks Example

Course Manager Tasks Example

You simply click ‘TASKS’ to get the list of available tasks.

Task – ‘Assign users to courses’

When you select ‘Assign users to courses’ the process steps are shown:

Assign Multiple Users Example

Assign Multiple Users Example

The process comes with a step guide that supports you. It shows you the number of steps and checkmarks so you can see what you need to do to finalize the process.

Task list

Select from available users

You select from the left grid into the right grid. The process is the same where you must select one or more items in a step.

On the left side, you see the grid with ‘Available users’.

Available Users Example

Available Users Example

You filter, select, and press ‘ADD’ to select the users and move them to the ‘Selected users’ grid on the right.

Selected users example

You can filter, select, and remove one or more users from the right grid to make the list match your requirements.

Select from available courses and existing groups

You can then click on ‘Courses’ and repeat the selection for courses and groups. You are presented with active courses and active, private groups.

Available Course Example

Available Course Example

With the multi-assign tasks, you can use both existing groups and create new groups based on the available active courses across the channels you have access to.

Publishing Settings for new groups

When you create new groups, you must fill out the publishing settings for the new groups. You must add a prefix to the groups, so you know they are created from this multi-assign process.

Publishing Settings for new groups example

Here I have entered ‘CBN 01’ as my group prefix.

User invitation and channels

The invitation is created with a link to the users’ invited courses. You can add email and SMS channels as needed.

User invitation and channels example

Review and confirm multi-assign

The final step is a confirmation about your selections and what will happen when you press ‘ASSIGN’ to create the new groups and assign users.

Review and confirm multi-assign example

The groups are created in the background. After a short while, you see them as Published in Course Manager.

Below I have searched for items with the group prefix I added in the process ‘CBN 01’.

CBN 01 filter search example

That is all for now! If you still have questions about how our new features work, you are welcome to email us at .


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