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Sustainability – and eLearning! 

waste academy - Sustainability and eLearning!


WasteAcademy: Proper handling & sorting of waste!

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Sustainability is in focus these days – and this includes the correct sorting of waste. As a company (hence a waste producer), it has become an important point, vis-à-vis external environments and stakeholders, to be able to document that there is “control of the waste” throughout the company!

WasteApp has long wanted to relaunch its e-learning portal WasteAcademy, and offer a tool that (like WasteApp) is tailored to the individual, which makes it easy to teach employees to handle and sort the waste correctly and Quickly. Simple to use solution – and just as simple to update with changes and additions. uQualio makes it easy to create Tailor-Made Online Training Courses and Programs Quickly!

Today WasteApp and uQualio have entered into a collaboration for a Waster Academy solution, which will provide the foundation that allows WasteApp to offer everyone an e-learning program that includes proper handling and sorting of waste, and is tailored to the types of waste, containers, and the conditions that exactly apply to the individual customer. We can even add a test, again of course; individualized! (and with a certificate for “passed”).

uQualio can adapt to WasteApps needs which is: no standard – everything individualized = strongest tool! “Your” need requires “your” solution! – not the neighbors!

WasteApps CEO Peter Jakobsen states

Thanks to Hatla Færch Johnsen & Christian Bjerre Nielsen for strong sparring, quick insight and understanding – and a great product! It’s going to be great!

WasteAare very much looking forward to drawing and telling much more – and also introduce all our customers to a strong addition to active and digital waste management. Another step in our vision is to embrace all aspects of waste management – and make waste simple, easy, and transparent! Curious? Finally, get in touch!

uQualio CEO, CPO, and CEO of Wasteapp

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