Product Video Training

Like most, you probably want satisfied customers. What if you could achieve both satisfied users of your products AND get them engaged in the user-driven promotion of your products and brand?

With the uQualio® platform, you can do precisely that!

Increase awareness of your product and it use and maintenance by making video training to increase customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Empower end-users or employees to self-learn at any time while you save time, 
and money via video learning. 

Your organization, vendors, and sales reps will always know the latest news about your product and services.

No credit card needed. No code. No hassle. All devices

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Why use a Video Product Training Platform?

If you want the end user to get the most value out of your product and to be happy with it, then courses with video product manuals combined with PDF files make it simple for you to do so. 

You can train new employees, vendors, sales partners, or end users anywhere in the world and keep them updated at any time. As soon as you launch new products or product news, the knowledge will be passed on to whom you wish.

On uQualio you can do all the above. And, if you introduce an ‘academy’ on the platform, you can also launch more advanced courses, where super-users can be certified.

When your product is used in performing a job function, the uQualio® platform offers you the unique opportunity to let the users become certified users. They can achieve a badge, which they can share on any social media – promoting themselves and your business at the same time.

This gives you a strong opportunity for user-driven promotion of your business by ambassadors.

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Product knowledge training with uQualio - Why?

uQualio is not only the most affordable video learning platform on the market, but uQualio is also designed to make it really easy to start making your own video product training courses for employees, partners & vendors, and end-users.

Just make simple courses that can be found with QR codes on the product – or use our advanced settings to make timed competitions for sales reps – all on the same platform. You make a course for each different product or service you have, and share it with one or more different user groups. And with our bite-sizing tool, you can even turn your product launch or sales rep webinar into microlearning courses.

uQualio allows you to make customized channels that 100% match your brand identity and to implement them into any existing platform of yours. 

Your users can re-visit your courses at any time they want. Share badges on social media of the achievements And much more: 

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"We train the end-users in the safe operation & maintenance of our products to ensure long product life, and high customer satisfaction with their products... uQualio that has no upfront investment, could be used on Day 1, can scale with our needs, and that makes it easy for anyone to distribute learning even with QR codes on our products."
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Digital training of end-users in operations, cleaning & maintenance of product

A white-label Product Company that specializes in the research, design, development, and manufacturing of products for motive power, and tools that maximize the products’ performance, has been using uQualio since April 2022.

Serving a global marketplace from multiple locations world-wide and with an extensive patent inventory that reflects the creative and inventive spirit of our founders, it is important that people use the products correctly to ensure safety, long product life, and high customer satisfaction and get the most from the benefits from the product. 

Written instruction on paper is not the way people learn anymore, or at least not solely. It is a lot more effective to use images with explanations, and video is a great way of achieving that aim.  

The platform makes it possible for us to demonstrate exactly how a product is used in real life. This helps users easily learn new skills and review as needed. The increase in efficiency can be measured in time saved, and improved expertise. 

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Become the 'Product Training Hero' of your company with uQualio's video learning platform

User-Friendly Platform

You will be the new definition of ‘user friendly’.

Your product lines might be complex but we can make learning easy and inviting for your employees, with an easy-to-navigate platform that is actually fun to use.

We Speak Your Language

Located globally? Not a problem. 
Add captions to the videos and switch the user interface settings to the language they feel comfortable with.

Engage Learning with Gamification

Engage employees by making gamification a part of your training. Use quiz, badges, and certifications to make learning fun.

Available on All Devices

Make it easy to train anytime and anywhere. Log in from any device or even browser and complete courses.

White label Customization

Customize the look and feel of your platform so it represents your brand, culture, your organizational identity, and with our API you can even integrate uQualio with your platform.

Standardize Training

You build the channel and the content that you want available to your users. Keep your training consistent across your organization, while making sure everyone is getting the same knowledge as well as confidential information. 

Target different users in the same platform

With uQualio you can create courses and share them in one or multiple channels targeted at different users, whether they be customers, partners, or employees with different access rights.


Communicate in the platform. You can send bulk emails and text messages or communicate with users individually, thus use uQualio as an intranet if you wish. 

Product Training Reporting

Track and measure your users’ progress and knowledge across the board with our customizable reporting tool. Get the information you need easily.

Lower Training Costs

Lower your training costs by being able to eliminate travel, venues, and instructor-led courses. Bringing your training online allows employees to train at will and for courses to be updated when needed. 

Save Time on Training

Help employees train online, on-demand, and at their own pace. Ensure maximum knowledge retention and understanding by implementing quizzes and tests.

become the product training admin of your company

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Our contribution to making video eLearning easy and affordable, has won several prizes.

Yet an other reason to use our award winning video eLearning platform for your next training project.

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