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Why You Need Video!

Video for online learning


It is estimated that YouTube videos are viewed 4 billion times daily, and Vimeo videos 715 million times monthly.

This is far beyond a trend, an avalanche, or possibly a stampede. 

The history of moving pictures  

In 1890 William Dickson unveiled the Kinetograph, a primitive motion picture camera. Over the years since, moving pictures have all but replaced live shows in theatres worldwide. Enter home movies with 16- or 8-millimeter cameras, the movie disk, beta, and VHS tapes, the DVD, and now streaming. Motion pictures, and now video, have enchanted us for more than 100 years.  

New trend – Video for training

Recently, video has gained a key role in educational and professional training. Roles that take advantage of our apparent love of motion pictures.  

Action is engaging, compelling, and can strike a deep chord in our hearts, think of a movie you love or despise. Strong feelings indeed.  

According to a Brandon Hall survey, 95 percent of companies use video to train employees worldwide.  

Video for online learning

That is why we have developed uQualio – the video eLearning platform that gives any company a unique set of tools to improve training, communication, monitoring, and reporting needs. Use our built-in features to create interactive training videos with quizzes, and final tests, add AI presentations to simplify your production pipeline, include competition, and gamification to engage your users, monitor, and communicate with learners, and publish your results with the comprehensive reporting module. 

Still not Convinced – Why Video? 

  • For the Young and Not-So-Young: People of all ages watch videos daily as part of their entertainment, work, and family routine. They are familiar, informative, and rewarding.  
  • A Comprehensive Medium: Video uses images, sound, color, and the storyline to reach more of our senses. Creating an immersive experience that touches and stays with the viewer. 
  • User-Centric: Putting the learner in charge of what she is learning with video is rewarding, efficient, and helps to enhance engagement and retention. Video gives the learner control over the pace, focus, and review of critical content. 
  • Effective and Efficient: Studies have shown that learners gain more via the audio-visual delivery format of videos – as opposed to paper-based, or slide-based presentations. Additionally, a large amount of material, specifically critical learning content, can be packed into short bites (microlearning), which shortens training time and increases retention. 
  • Train When and Where it is Needed: Learners using mobile devices can reap the benefits of just-in-time and on-demand learning. Whatever the users need, they have access to knowledge, support, and refresh, all with video eLearning 24/7. 
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The Mobile is Here to Stay 

Leaders in the eLearning industry have all embraced mobile phones as the place to be for workplace learning. Given the mobility needs of employees at modern extended enterprises, universally available connectivity, and the adaptability of video, this medium is the clear winner when it comes to professional training and support. 

At uQualio, we specialize in meeting your business needs with our integrated SaaS video eLearning platform – no need to download an app. Using our platform, you have the tools to support your teams – both internal and external, to reach your people in real-time, continuously edit and update your content, monitor individuals or groups, and publish reports to document all your activities. 

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.