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How uQualio Makes It Easy to Import AI-Generated Videos

uQualio makes it easy to import AI-generated videos


As you might have noticed, we have integrations with the following awesome AI video platforms on uQualio Video4Learning for creating AI-generated videos.

That definitely makes uQualio an excellent AI-powered video eLearning platform.

Why Have We Made It Easy to Import AI-Generated Videos?

AI-generated videos are a hot topic these days, and we sat down with uQualio CEO Hatla Johnsen for a quick Q & A session. 

  • How do you see AI videos supporting learning and development? 
  • Why did you focus on integrating AI-generated videos, and invite those companies to become partners? 
  • How do you see AI video and learning progress in the near future? 
  • What are the benefits of integrating AI-generated videos into uQualio’s video eLearning platform? 
ELAI.IO integration with uqualio

How Do You See AI-Generated Videos Support Learning and Development?

Hatla Johnsen: “People in the industry are all too familiar with the day-to-day problems related to the creation of eLearning courses. While authoring and LMS tools have improved significantly, using them to produce videos is still time-consuming and often expensive. With the invention of AI-driven tools for video creation, companies can easily deliver better and more customized courses. And that is at a lower cost and faster pace than what was possible before.”

She continues, “Creating large volumes of video courses can become a regular pain. From location/studio problems to reshoots. And not least the scheduling of the constant back and forth between clients.”

“Making eLearning courses in local languages can also be a pain. The language barriers, along with the sheer amount of content that needs to be created and translated make it hard (and time-consuming) to make great content.”

“Customers today are used to personalized experiences. Standing out in the overwhelming volume of content requires tailored communication. This hasn’t escaped the learning industry either: customers don’t want a generic, one-size-fits-all approach.”

“Overall, there is a need for solutions to the problems faced by people in the e-learning industry – and we believe that AI in learning and development might just be the answer!”

Synthesia AI video creator integration with UQualio

Why Have You Focused on AI-Generated Videos as Your Main Integration Partnerships?

Hatla explains, “We really want to make it easy for our customers to make their employees, customers, and sales partners happy and satisfied. One of our primary goals is to support our customers’ efforts to make good training videos.”

To learn more about our customers’ success stories, click here.

“Until now, the easiest solution has been to use animation rather than real people – an approach that is more efficient but much less engaging than content featuring human presenters. AI-based training videos have the ability to revolutionize how e-learning courses are created, by merging an efficient production pipeline with human-first content.”

“That is why we are currently focusing on integrating with AI-generating video platforms.”

Collossyan creator integration with UQualio

How Do You See AI-Generated Videos and Learning Progress in the Near Future?

Hatla: “I expect that it will be easier and easier to make good avatar videos – the companies are really working hard to achieve this and are making groundbreaking developments every day.

“More AI video solutions will undoubtedly come. Of course, if new easy solutions for making videos appear on the software scene, we will add them too.”

logo and ai avatar from neuraloom on uqualios integrations. platform.

What Are the Benefits of Integrating AI-Generated Videos into uQualio’s Video Training Platform?

Hatla: “We are in the business of making video eLearning easy, and affordable. We are always on the lookout for anything that supports this.”

She adds, “AI-generated videos make it easy to create a quality video when you have a bad hair day, and it also makes it really easy to make AI-based training videos in many languages (without having to learn them). What is not to like? We definitely think AI-generated videos are fantastic and hope our customers agree too.”

Try It for Yourself!

So, if you sign up for the uQualio video eLearning platform, you can actually convert AI-generated video content into eLearning courses by trying out NeuraLoom’s solution for free.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.