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Applied Information awards IMSA Continuing Education Credits



In the USA, the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) provides quality certification programs for the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of public safety systems; delivering value for members by providing the latest information and education in the industry. Today IMSA certifies tens of thousands of technicians and stands as the most regarded name in public safety. 

IMSA-certified courses on uQualio

Our customer Applied Information has built a learning platform for its ingenious traffic light system, and for driver training for emergency vehicle drivers that ensures help arrives speedily. Using the uQualio video eLearning platform, they were able to distribute and monitor the progress of their hardware & software tutorials and fulfill IMSA’s ‘Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to give learners the possibility to document continuous lifelong adult training.


History of IMSA

IMSA is the oldest known association of its kind in the world, dating back to 1896, and counts Thomas A. Edison and the Edison Electric Company among its esteemed members.  

What is an IMSA Certification

IMSA Certification Programs are primarily concerned with the evaluation of expertise. As not all agencies have access to standardized training materials, IMSA makes Certification Review Programs available for examinations. These Review Programs are not intended to teach an individual all that he/she needs to know to pass a particular examination. Rather, they are intended to present the fundamentals of areas and an overview of subjects that participants should already be familiar with based on national standards and regulations. 

IMSA also offers educational and certification programs in Traffic Signals, Signs and Markings, Work Zone Traffic Control, Municipal and Interior Fire Alarm systems, Fiber Optics, and Transportation Center Systems. To assist governmental agencies in lowering the likelihood of unnecessary legal actions and to increase the quality of public safety personnel, it is the deep conviction of IMSA that a certification program is warranted in each area of public safety operations. 

Applied information member om IMSA

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