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Disruption in EdTech 2022: Innovative Trends in Education   

Disruption in Edtech


Disruption is a word that has entered – and shaken – the corporate world to its core. Disruption stems from a desire to shake up traditional industries and hierarchies. As we become full-fledged digital citizens, the desire to shake up, and rebuild, traditional institutions in order to merge with the flexible nature of the internet is at an all-time high.

Is Disruption a Healthy Trend?

The world changes and as such the educational platform will always need more finetuning. The result of every disruptive element should be to provide a low cost of education hereby making Quality Education accessible to all. Education makes for citizens who possess a global understanding of the world.

At uQualio Video4Learning, we have taken the trends of the digital world fast internet: video, cloud-based technologies, SaaS, SEO, simple subscription models, faster internet, smartphones, social media, gamification, bite sized learning and performance support and at the same time with an emphasis on simple design and easy-to-use interface. Including upload of videos, infographics, interactive infographics, and so on.

The uQualio video eLearning platform, therefore, offers a much simpler product than many competitors, at a very affordable price.

You can scale your video training or campaign to match your exact needs. It delivers the platform so you can, effortlessly, create personalized and adaptive learning experiences for your learners – training that learner can take anywhere, on any device favored.

Open-source resources and internet tools, such as analytics and other core technologies are all part of our “disruptive mindset.”

With the disruption that’s brought forth in eLearning and remote learning we can educate, and track our progress, in a full-fledged digital world that’s not disconnected from the real world.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for end customers, employees, sales partners, or executives that need the knowledge. What matters is that courses can be via through one or multiple personalized channels.

And the best part? You can shape it without a single line of code!

The fine-tuned engine of the uQualio video training platform comes equipped with a range of widgets. You can turn them off and curate your own video content. This makes for a disruptive force on its own but without adding confusion in a field that really doesn’t need it.

It adds simplicity in a world that desperately craves it.

In general, while disruption is an interesting development it’s important to stress that all change is not useful change. As with all innovation it’s only useful when applied wisely, and thoroughly researched for both flaws and virtues. Faced with all this new promising technology, education is a complex entity. It’s both a service and a business. And since some disruptive innovation has lowered the cost, it still hasn’t met some of its idealistic criteria – some of those being low cost and consistent quality. This means that eLearning has become a beast that’s difficult to tame. A complex thing in a modernized world that values simplicity to a greater extent.

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.