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Extend and Integrate Your Reach – Extended Enterprise

uQualio Video4learning as an effective extended enterprise solution


These days, businesses need to find ways (e.g., the extended enterprise) to act on many stages, providing online and in-person services, and supporting local and remote customers, employees, and others, while keeping all the moving parts aligned. 

Enter Extended Enterprise 

By embracing a decentralized structure, extended enterprises can extend their reach, and integrate their activities to reflect emerging market trends. 

An extended enterprise is commonly comprised of stakeholders, firms, subsidiaries, etc., that work together or independently in large-scale networks, each with its own role to play within the larger organization.  

The advantages of extended enterprises include flexibility, non-centralized structure, and scalability – to name but a few examples, yet these very same attributes can create issues for cohesion within the organization. 

Develop & Manage Cohesion within the Extended Enterprise

Traditional business models rely on in-person training, the use of manuals (printed material), and numerous (in-person) meetings – none of which work for a decentralized organization, where the suppliers or developers are based in distant locations, the sales force or service teams may be spread over multiple countries or even different continents, and each unit may be independent. 

To be practical, a comprehensive solution needs to become the framework upon which the entire enterprise is built and maintained. It must meet the needs of all stakeholders, provide access when and where it is needed, feature a robust communication component, and include centralized planning, support independent execution, dynamic monitoring, and integrated documentation.  

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Extend Enterprise to eLearning 

Video eLearning is a powerful, practical, and cost-effective set of tools that will help you to enhance innovation, become a market leader, achieve and maintain your vision, and successfully deliver your products or services. 

Integrate Corporate DNA 

Tying the moving parts together of a diverse enterprise is like conducting an orchestra, everyone needs to be playing the same music. By integrating efficient video training into your corporate DNA, all members of the team will know their part, and the parts of others, making for beautiful music. 

Install Vision 

Leading a team or several teams involve directing both daily tasks and ensuring all team members share a common vision – a road map to find their way to an agreed-upon goal. Using eLearning to inspire and unify your team means all members can access the learning materials, messages, quizzes, built-in games, and other tools anywhere, on any device, 24 x 7. 

Enhance Communication 

Yes, everyone does need a voice, members of your team, or teams also need to listen as well as exchange ideas, information, suggestions, updates, and more. The uQualio video eLearning platform features built-in email and SMS, and support for other apps via API integration (available upon request).  

Engage Stakeholders 

We recently helped a customer to educate external sales Reps at independent retail outlets. Their problem was that they had two product lines; one was simple, low price, with low margin, and the other offered greater flexibility for the user, cost a bit more, and a much better margin. Using uQualio Video4Learning, the customer created a ninety-day competition for the Sales Reps. The competition was designed to introduce unique aspects of the higher margin unit. Sale reps could win various prizes during the competition and qualify for a grand prize at the end. The bottom line, sales of the higher margin unit increased by 30 % in the next quarter. 

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Extend Reach 

We all like to know where to go – hopefully before beginning the trip. Extending your reach helps to expand your horizons – all part of discovering and entering new markets. Video eLearning is a proven and efficient part of an overall outreach strategy. Each component of your extended organization can readily capture and share information about potential customers, and their customers while complying with all aspects of GDPR. 

Connect with Customers 

The customer is always right, or so the saying goes. At uQualio, we live by that motto and make it easy for you to do so too. Easily create interactive customer surveys and discover what your customers want to guide your development. 

Increase Speed 

The input from your team members, customers, and other stakeholders is often the most reliable compass. The uQualio video training platform makes it simple to collect, share, distribute, and document trends requests, suggestions, and other critical information you need to move both quickly and efficiently. 

Strength & Flexibility 

An organization that is well-connected, shares common goals, utilizes input to drive change, and works closely with its internal and external parts is truly poised to excel.

Use uQualio as an Extended Enterprise Solution in the Following Ways:

  1. Customer Training: With uQualio Video4Learning, organizations can provide customers with relevant and engaging video-based training on products and services. This will help ensure that customers have a complete understanding of how to use and benefit from their purchases.
  2. Partner Training: The uQualio video training platform can empower businesses to provide partners with training on products, services, and best practices. This will make sure that everyone is aligned and working towards common goals.
  3. Employee Training: You can use uQualio to provide employee training on a wide range of topics, including leadership, sales, and customer service.
  4. Channel Training: Organizations can provide channel partners with training on products, services, and best practices with uQualio Video4Learning, thereby ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards common goals.
  5. Continuous Professional Development: Organizations can use uQualio to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for employees and partners, so that everyone stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

By leveraging the power of video-based learning, uQualio virtual training platform can help organizations effectively engage with their extended enterprise, by providing relevant, engaging, and accessible training opportunities for customers, partners, employees, and channel partners.

Give your team every opportunity to achieve greatness with the uQualio eLearning platform. 

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.