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No make-up needed – the power of uQualio & distribution via video

recoring with a ringlight - No make-up needed – the power of uQualio & distribution via video


We experience many are novices at video editing and distribution of videos.

As a facilitator of a course, you are an expert in your subject – your focus is on your own field, your perfecting it, owning it.

But then there’s the second layer of expertise: mastering the art of communication . How do you craft a simple message, a lesson, or words of advice on a topic that is complex?

That’s why we focus on perfecting our platform for the singular purpose of distributing video, bite-sized or the length of your choice, to raise engagement among your course participants. We want to make complex tasks easier than peeling a potato!

Experience has shown that video is the most efficient tool for distributing information. We all know that, of course, and we’ve all built some level of familiarity with video tools via our smartphones. Video is all around us. But making a video is one thing. But distributing it is something quite else – our platform is excellent for that.

On YouTube and in other popular services, distribution is powered by a share button. You don’t own the information, the vendor does, and if you wish to distribute proprietary information, as is the case with many of our customers, you do not control the security nor are you in charge of just how many can get a hold of that information. Sure, you can create a secure group on Facebook, but for all, we know Big Brother is watching. And if you’re dealing with information that is sensitive, as most of our customers do , you don’t want a big company selling your data, or keeping it in a detailed data log for future use. And you want to control who sees your proprietary material.

Information is power , a wise man once said, but controlling your information is indeed much more powerful. At a dynamic eLearning platform such as uQualio, we want the founder of each course to control their information to the letter because we treasure the value of information.

Most of our efforts have been channeled not only to increase engagement (which we do by adding quizzes that make it fun to repeat the newly gained knowledge and thus beat the forgetting curve) but to streamline the process of video distribution. We understand that information is sacred, and you can monitor the flow of information yourself, and you’re in charge of who sees it, and who doesn’t.

The common ground among many positive testimonials is this: our customers value the security of uQualio , and because we believe in the power of communication, we’re always only a chat, or a phone call away if you have any inquiries. This also means that they value the dynamic flow of video distribution at uQualio. We believe in the mantra “simplify, simplify.” And we’ll keep simplifying because we can always do better.

Good information deserves a sacred shelf, and it deserves to find the right set of eyes.

And even better – you can still monitor if people saw the videos , opened attached files and resources, and you can also check if they understood the key learnings of your videos.

Video distribution of your own videos

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.