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Press Release: New CEO for uQualio Hatla Johnsen

New CEO for uQualio Hatla Johnsen


From 15. September 2021 the new CEO of uQualio will be Hatla Johnsen , who has been COO since 2017.

Having worked for 20 years with business development, strategy, communication, change, and project management, in IT, pharma, business & engineering consulting, Hatla knows the importance of getting a message across quickly and making sure people are trained to do their jobs well.

Hatla’s Social Science degree from Roskilde University in Business & Psychology and 6. Generation family business background made it natural for her to co-found the innovative eLearning platform uQualio® that she will now head up as CEO.

Hatla is taking over after Kent Valentin Fallesen, who in the future will dedicate his work time for teaching, new projects, consulting, mentoring, and board work for organizations, which want to make the world a better place. Kent continues as a shareholder and board member of uQualio.

uQualios new CEO Hatla Færch Johnsen


uQualio is a platform that makes it easy for any business or industry, to turn new and existing videos into learning courses for training or marketing. The bite-sized micro-learning methodology makes it fun and easy for the learner to learn whilst beating the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve!

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.