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Newest Trend in eLearning: Personalization – Tips how to Personalized Courses

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Incl. Tips on how to Create Personalized Courses

Even though we are slowly leaving the pandemic behind us video eLearning is booming more than ever. So, what is new?

In eLearning course creation an approach named ‘personalization’ is the latest craze. Personalization focuses on making the path to learning rewarding. Personalized content seeks to keep engagement high and ensure an optimal learning experience and outcome. The idea behind this teaching approach is that each learner’s path is unique and that therefore the learner’s individual needs and learning style must be considered. Consequently, to produce personalized eLearning courses the creator needs to know their learners’ preferences and interests.

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Why Should Companies Create Personalized eLearning Courses?

Well, the short answer is that personalized content works. Whether you are doing digital onboarding, training reinforcement or you are a private course provider looking for new inspiration, personalized content creation has too many benefits to ignore. Imagine creating a digital personalized onboarding program that makes your employee feel included in the process. An onboarding course that speaks to their preferences and learning style. We are sure your learners will appreciate your efforts and suddenly your corporate training will be something they look forward to.

What is the Goal of Personalized eLearning Courses?

The goal of personalization is to design the entire course with your learner in mind. Therefore, studying your learner is key. This plays right into the hands of eLearning as it makes it easy to track the learner’s behavior and preferences. It offers constant and immediate feedback which is not always present in a face-to-face learning environment. Tracking and learner feedback will help you determine if your content is hitting or missing the target – and it will make it easy to measure the learner’s progress and evaluate their performance. If some learners are falling behind or are finding the courses too difficult, you may want to make appropriate revisions that offer support for these learners.

Tips on how to Create Personalized eLearning Courses

Most of us are familiar with the customization of content. It enables us to pick from a selected group of pre-programmed options. Personalization goes a step further. To create top-notch up to date personalized eLearning courses you must consider all the following factors and seek to combine them:

  • Know your learner and personalize your ‘conversation’ with them: Always use their name and be sure to imitate a one-on-one learning experience when communicating.
  • Make your learners co-designers of the eLearning environment: Give them options to customize where it is possible.
  • Encourage your learners to create and share personal stories, pictures, and content: Include some of this in your course material.
  • Incorporate learner’s personal preferences and interests when creating content.
  • Create a connection between the learner’s goals and the learning objectives: This reinforces the desire to learn.
  • Ensure flexibility in learning sequences: Create options for different learning paths and let the learner determine how (s)he wants to learn.
  • Foster curiosity in your content navigation: Make the learners explorers of your content and let them study it at their own pace and in their preferred order.
  • Create different levels of learning: Allow competent learners to skip ahead and offer supportive content for learners who are falling behind.
  • Tap into each learners’ learning style – provide options in media: some learners prefer video, others to listen or to read. Upload texts in pdf format if your learner prefers to read from a hard copy.

As personalized content is becoming the norm, tracking will provide a much-needed guiding light for all eLearning course creators. The hope is that personalized content will be the end of generic, one-size-fits-all courses and that personalized courses will delight and motivate learners in ways we have never seen before. So, if you desire to join the eLearning course creators of tomorrow do not hold back. Start creating your personalized courses now!

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