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We have successfully onboarded three new Voice Provider Partners! 



Dynamic Microphone

After in uQualio the video eLearning authoring & creation LMS software having launched our Service Provider Partner Program, we have successfully partnered with several professionals that can support your eLearning projects with the creation of videos, and everything related.

This week we have talked to our new voice actor Partners: Mike Cantrell, Shane Graham, and Susie New, about the benefits of a professional voice-over for your eLearning videos. We have come to realize that the impact of a well-delivered dialogue on your eLearning videos cannot be underestimated. The overall quality of your eLearning videos can be improved by hiring professional voice talent, that will use their experience and technical know-how to make your script come to life.

Read our new blog post about the impact that hiring a professional voice actor can have on your eLearning videos, and get to know our new Voice Provider Partners!

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