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Why Use Digital Badges in Your Online Courses?  

digital badges with uQualio


Digital badges, diploma, certification, awards, degrees, documentation for taking online courses – is all about the same!

Accomplishment and achievement are at the backbone of every fruitful learning experience . The military has a rich history of employing medals as telltale signs – medals display a rich tale of accomplishment, and they show rank.

Digital Badges are Driving Engines of Respect!

Equally, in the traditional learning sense, badges award the student with a sense of accomplishment. Badges show that the learner has put the work in, they are an engine of engagement, and they show quickly the specific level of each learner.

Digital Badges Merit Respect!

eLearning platforms borrow a lot from the traditional classroom . That way you can build a bridge between the familiar space – the classroom – onto the engaging and new space – the digital classroom.

Rewards that Make Sense!

You can employ badges in two ways:

  •  Establish a reward system
  •  Drive engagement

When structuring your course, you need different passing levels.

Here’s a useful idea from the merits of boy scouts: when you start off, you have a novice badge. When you move on up, you earn more respectable digital badges. Creating a consecutive structure of reward drives engagement, because they “nudge” the behavior of the student. Who wants a “novice” badge when they can have an “expert” badge next to their name?

Badges are an element of gamification that represent the achievement, skill, accomplishment, or ranking of a learner. This can of course also be used for customer loyalty programs, where the customer can move up to the next level of your membership site if they have passed – digital badges can be issued to make them aware that we as a company are proud of their achievement, which in turn can motivate them to continue moving forward and increase their level of engagement. And at the same time share their badges on social media to promote your company.

Driving engagement in a course is much like leveling up in a video game. Because the platform is digital, they can – via quizzes or playful, interactive questionnaires – make the learning experience more fun – while still being enlightening. Employees that are obligated to take a required course, for instance, already have much on their plate. So why not make their learning experience fun and rewarding?

Take Advantage of uQualio’s Built-In Digital Badges

Our video training platform already has built-in digital badges (micro-credentials). Because of their numerous benefits, we do encourage you to incorporate them into your online courses today.

And remember to allow sharing of your eLearning course badges on social media as this will credit the learner the honor of achievement and at the same time give you the marketing upside of showing you the world that you have accomplished customers, employees, sales partners or whoever your target group is.

Moreover, one can also use digital badges for making customer loyalty programs, where an achievement gives access to the next level.

Get started and drive-up engagement in your online video courses by trying how easy it is with uQualio.

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