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Closed Captions now a feature on uQualio 

Closed Captions now a feature on uQualio


One of the most wanted features by our customers: the ability to add closed captioning…  

Well, it’s now, officially, a default feature on uQualio!  

The feature has been desired since closed caption support tie people together across regions, and also extend access to the hearing impaired.   

You don’t have to be an expert in order to add Closed Captioning to your video. Simply upload the closed caption file to your video, and then set the language on the file.   

There are numerous benefits of Closed Captioning [CC] to your business. Here are some of the major highlights:  

  • Save video production cost – You can create language versions of video courses without the hassle of creating an entirely new video for every language.   
  • Get out in the world – more effective. Your course stands stronger in a globalized market with Closed Captioning embedded in your training or course. It also makes for a cheaper distribution since you don’t have to produce a video for every major language. You can have one course in the official company language.  
  • Use video as a powerful SoMe marketing tool. Popular browsers mute video sound on default. By adding CC to your course, you can embed the video on social media, and people will understand the big picture even with the sound off.  

Closed Captioning is, indeed, a major win, and it also shows a devotion to the diversity of your organization. The hearing impaired are now part of the training, and so are the different nationalities of your learners. Also, studies show that reading and listening to what is said, at the same time, help you remember dialogue more efficiently.   

Closed Caption support is available already today. So start opening your course to the world with uQualio. If you need support, we are more than happy to help.

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