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Engage Your Learners Like Never Before with uQualio’s AI Text-to-Speech

uQualio's new feature AI Text-to-Speech


At uQualio Video4Learning, we’re constantly innovating ways to make your video training programs more impactful and accessible. We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature that many of you have been asking for AI Text-to-Speech! This new feature marks the beginning of our journey to add more AI features to the uQualio video eLearning platform to make it easy for you to make video eLearning courses for any audience.

Transform Your Video Training with the AI Power of Voice

uQualio’s AI Text-to-Speech functionality breathes life into your training quiz and final test. This makes the testing and documentation more engaging and effective for a wider range of learners.

Here’s how AI Text-to-Speech revolutionizes your video training:

  • Inclusive Learning: Reach learners who prefer audio-based instruction, are visually impaired, or simply want to learn on the go.
  • Boost Engagement: Liven up your content and keep learners captivated with dynamic, narrated training modules.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Retention: Studies show that learners retain information better when they hear it spoken aloud.

Unbelievably Easy to Use

The AI Text-to-Speech feature is set to work on all uQualio course quizzes and final test sections! Just click the handy loudspeaker icon next to any question or answer within your course content.

Here you see the loudspeaker that you press to hear the question read aloud

First Step to Unlock a World of AI Possibilities

AI Text-to-speech opens doors to a variety of engaging training experiences. Currently, we offer text-to-speech in over 20 languages, with more on the way! And more AI features to come soon… And you can of course always import text-to-avatar videos from our integration partners.

Empower Your Learners, Elevate Your Training

Start your free trial of the uQualio white-label solution today and experience the transformative power of AI Text-to-Speech. See how it can take your training programs to the next level and ensure your learners retain vital information. We’re confident that you’ll love it!

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