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From PDF Manuals to Video training – Applied information

From PDF Manuals to Video training - Applied information

– A Customer Testimonial from Applied Information

The company Applied Information, a leading developer of connected, intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions, needed to convert their pdf manuals into video manuals – as very few reads written manuals.

Applied Information also needed their courses to be engaging, and they needed proof that participants had both completed and understood the course.

Expertise is crucial – almost lifesaving – since Applied Information Glance systems software among others is used to change the traffic light to green wave for emergency vehicles. On average that saves 62 seconds per emergency call.

It was not an easy task, but then Peter Ashley, Vice President of Business Development found uQualio:

“uQualio was the only real video-based platform that came on our radar. And we did look. It is one of a kind, and it is exactly what we needed!”   

The reasons behind that choice were crystal clear:

  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Certifications
  •  …and Support. 

Flexibility is crucial

As Peter Ashley claims,

We wanted to use the platform for two main purposes. One was to train up that distribution on how to use and get support for our products, and the second purpose was how to sell our products and showcase their features.” 

This meant two things: 1) it was vital for some of the material to be public domain, and 2) some that were privately limited to either Applied Information own employees or their countless affiliates. The flexibility had to be built-in and secure. When working with the public domain it is crucial that the right information is shared, and that information is controlled. uQualio offered the desired flexibility and security.


The platform provides excessive tools for tailoring a course into a full-fledged certification-based one. Applied Information needed a certification because their entire business relies on expertise and skill. As Ashley explains,

“We need total control of the flow of information.  and to convey our knowledge and expertise in our eLearning.”    

Using uQualio meant that they could tailor it to their needs.


The concept of verified certifications is key in establishing trust since they rely on solid data in determining completion, and the diploma gives the end-user a sense of accomplishment, which is the backbone of every successful endeavor; from basic completion to social and verified certificates.

The certificate of completion is a seamless way to start. If your online learners want to show off their achievements, you should definitely consider a social certificate for social sharing which incorporates added branding & marketing benefits.

Since Applied Information builds – and pioneers – projects with traffic authorities, universities, et cetera then they have close-knit cooperation on both a federal, and city, level. This gives credence to their organization, and it raises the bar when it comes to the eLearning courses they provide. Offering them room for government credit programs, and more.

As Peter states:

We now have public courses that carry IMSA Accreditation, such that by completing the tests on the platform, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate which can be used to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEC).

And last but not least – The Support

As this was uncharted territory for Applied Information at the start, they needed a platform where the support was – and is – always at hand. With uQualio, says Peter Ashley, Vice President of Business Development, that is exactly what they got:

“We had a need for features not in uQualio – uQualio listened and have added all the features we needed.”  

uQualio always listen to the customer and therefore almost all development is based on customer wishes – if there is more than one customer wishing things then they are added to the development roadmap over time.

Want to know more?

Click the link to read more about the details on how Applied Information uses the uQualio platform: https://uqualio.com/customer-success-story-applied-information 

Applied information learning academy

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.