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MicroLearning – the new gamechanger in town  

Microlearning – the new gamechanger in town


Microlearning. What is it, how is it useful, and what are some good examples. Microlearning is the new trend in eLearning. Here we will cover the basics and showcase examples so you’re well on your way to creating microlearning courses yourself. 


It’s estimated that by 2025 millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. The average attention of the millennial generation, namely in the younger spectrum, is 90 seconds give and take. That behavior is also clear when reviewing both the millennial, and Gen Z, segment’s consumption of reel-based social media such as TikTok and Instagram. They want to get where they are going – fast! 

As an evolution of that trend comes Microlearning. Microlearning is the bridge between powerful communication and short bursts of information.   

What Microlearning does

  • Presents a segment of information, in short, informative bursts 
  • Gives the user control of what information they deem relevant 
  • Provides relevant information in a short amount of time 

Think of Microlearning as nuggets for the mind. You separate your course into small segments. Each segment contains a burst of information and knowledge that can quickly be consumed – much like a nugget.   

Micro-learning is video-based, but you’ll need to distribute it on a compatible platform. A platform such as uQualio has the editing and distribution tools ready so you can get going with minimal steps required.  

3 golden rules of Microlearning 

  • Keep the video content short, straight and high-level 
  • Don’t get your message buried in details and distractions 
  • Don’t be repetitive 

Remember, microlearning, because of its ultra-short format, is meant to be replayed – and paused – because we all learn at an individual pace. 


Businesses and organizations are embracing micro-learning at a rapid pace. They want to create a learning experience that’s quick, to the point, and entertaining. This makes it easy to remember key information. 

Video2Learn sells video eLearning courses based on Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), competition law, IT security, and marketing for employees in both large and small companies. They employ microlearning as an integral part of their learning method and the end-user gets all the benefits of microlearning.  See an example course

Applied Information

Applied Information is a leading developer of connected, intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions designed to improve safety, reliability, and mobility. They have turned their PDF manuals into video microlearning, so their customers can look up any topic, and get just a little bit wiser in a matter of minutes.  See an example course

Want to excel in Microlearning?

With uQualio’s innovative tool, you can get started making your own microlearning courses in minutes.  

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